Heart energy sensations (expansion)

Last night was another night of sleeping alone in our guest room. Every Wednesday my husband and I sleep in different rooms. It’s one of his things, he sometimes needs his space. in the beginning I wasn’t understanding it, but then at some point I accepted it and let him sleep alone. Now I am enjoying it myself as I have time for myself and can do my meditation and chakra clearings.

First I made myself comfortable lying on my back. I downloaded an app on my cellphone that a good friend of mine suggested me. It’s a Chakra Recharging app with a very powerful Pineal Gland activation frequency. I started the track and closed my eyes. After the first few seconds I started feeling strong energetic sensations around my head, it was literally buzzing like crazy! I continued listening to the track while falling deeper and deeper into my meditation. I don’t know what happened but there was one moment were my body suddenly tossed over to the right side and I suddenly woke up with a gasp.

i suddenly realized that the tone was still playing and that the loop must have kicked in which woke me up again. I turned off the app and positioned myself on my back once again. This time I closed my eyes and just felt what would occur. I felt strong buzzing in my head, forehead and back of the head. Clear sign the app is working as it should!

The I began to place my awareness into my chest and heart center. I felt a weight on top of my chest, which shows that a tuning in into that space is happening. I tried to settle my mind and my third eye into the heart center, without noticing the buzzing in my head. Suddenly I felt a very strong inner push coming from my heart center, I don’t know what was happening. It felt simultaneously like my heart was going to explode or implode, a very weird sensation and the first time I was aware of this feeling while I was awake.

The moment it nearly reached it’s peak without getting afraid, as I usual do when this happens during sleep, I suddenly saw a light flash and my husband burst through his bed room door to turn on the damn air condition… The whole magic broke right there… I have no idea what would have happened if he would have not interrupted with his loud behavior  and the air condition which now directly was blowing on my face… As the vent is across the room…

Sadly I could not reach that stage again after I turned it off again. I wonder what was happening and what would have happened if I was undisturbed. Would I have endured this feeling, which was threatening to explode my heart? Or would I have jumped again out of fear anyway? 😦 I wish I knew.

2 thoughts on “Heart energy sensations (expansion)

  1. Vibrant says:

    You are trying too hard 🙂
    Let it be.
    It doesn’t matter if you witness it all or not.
    The intelligence is much more superior than your ‘expectations/ego.’
    To ward off negaitivity and isolation–do charity 🙂

    Love and light
    Anand ❤


  2. Dayna says:

    I’ve had heart chakra surges recently as well. It means progress is being made!

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