Your contact has finally come to my attention!

From the very beginning of my Awakening I was aware of the most beautiful sensations all over my body. It was almost from one day to the other that I got opened to the world of clairsentience. This opening was used as form of communication. I never realized it and I never saw it as such, as I placed all my experiences and sensations as well as other phenomena in the name of Kundalini. From august 2014 till now I had a lot of time acclimating to the changes that happened for me more and more each day. until to the moment when I started feeling weird sensations that I thought were Kundalini related, but still the true answer remained side open…

A chain reaction of events over the last couple of days up to a huge realization about spirit Awakening and soul merging with spirit, I finally was lead to watch a movie again that I used to love when I was a child! The movie is called “City of Angels”. It completely opened my eyes to what really was going on! the sight of invisible angels comforting people in fear and hatred, the magic touch that changes peoples actions or calms them when they are down… All these produced major inner chills, so strong that they went from heart chakra to the top of the head last evening while watching the movie.

Then I suddenly came to a big conclusion… i was never alone, since my Awakening I had contact with angelic beings or maybe my spirit guides, without even knowing it.

I described in the past all the sensations of Kundalini, but there are certain sensations that had nothing to do with the energy itself. these feelings were quite different. While meditating or watching a movie I would suddenly feel a very pointed electric touch sensation on my temple, on a leg or arms, which would spread like inner chills. It was always combined with a spotted rising of the body hair in that area. I also felt my hair being played with, as well as whirlwind energies that would slowly play in a specific area. I have been touched by angels or spirit all along, without ever recognizing it.

I remember one evening while I was meditating, thinking about my father and I asked spirit to give me a sign that he is okay and happy wherever he may be now. And out of a sudden I would feel an electric touch on my left arm that created inner chills in that area. this was the answer.

I was so obsessed with Kundalini sensations that I could not discern anymore if something was of the Kundalini or something else. Now I know what it feels like when spirit is close and nearby. And it feels indeed comforting and loving.

I have to say my gratitude to the lovely beings who are there to comfort me in sad times and I also want to be thankful for the guidance to watch this beautiful movie. Let’s me think, can angels fall in love with a human?


One thought on “Your contact has finally come to my attention!

  1. Dayna says:

    It is love beyond any human understanding.

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