Current Kundalini Sensations – 01.09.2015

It’s getting close to my birthday and since it’s a new month I thought I could share a new list of current Kundalini sensations and experiences:

  1. More and more visual changes.  Without mistake I look at something for a second with my physical eyes, then I close them and focus on the center, after 2 seconds the picture glows up again like literally everything that was in my visual field before. So it can happen that a I see a whole window, frame and the outside. All in a red glowing light with white highlights.
  2. Buzzing in body and a lot of throbbing sensations. Once in my leg, then in the rectum. Which is probably a body lock. It feels like the muscles get pulled up, weird sensation, sometimes combined with a fluttering.
  3. Yesterday I started singing in the evening, I just felt like it. The moment I placed the headphone on my ears I suddenly started seeing a blinking and flashing in front of me, which looked like the air was vibrating and blinking very fast!
  4. Electric pulse pain travels through body. Once it can be painful in a knee, then in one of the big toes, then in the shoulder blades and then in the brain. Right now it’s repeating to pulse and it gets painful for a second in my right shoulder. This stinging pulse pain is always the same feeling, doesn’t matter where in the body it happens.
  5. Hearing changes continue to happen. Sometimes when I meditate in the evening getting ready for sleep, I see visuals and many times I could swear I can hear the people in the visuals with my ears. But sometimes there is a separate voice that suddenly comes through, and three days ago it was a male voice calling my name.
  6. Visuals are still purple light swirls, sometimes white, red and pink. I still see white lights every now and then, usually with something like a light flash that crashes into my forehead. That’s the only way I can describe the experience. (Example: One day I was lying on the floor and just focusing on my third eye area. Then out of a sudden I felt an electric spike shooting through my body like a thunderbolt and hitting my forehead.
  7. many times during the day I feel a sudden movement on my head. Today I was sitting in the living room, with my husband and his friend B. who I wrote about the day before. He is the violinist from my nightmare the other day. I was listening to their music and suddenly I felt a weird cold sensation coming down from the forehead and sitting for a while on the bridge of my nose.

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