Chain reaction of events…

My life currently is like a chain reaction, one thing happens after the other and there doesn’t seem to be any possibility to make it stop, it just is and I go with it… I know it has to do with a tremendous amount of energy hitting us all very strong… Insanity, anger, deep emotions, release and very strong hold on believes and opinions is spreading like a wild fire…

just a few example that just happened during this week alone:

  1. My mother got diagnosed with MS and needs surgery on her S7 Vertebra on Tuesday…
  2. A huge amount of electronics acting up. Monitor broke down, cellphones always crash and I cannot even open the camera app anymore… light bulbs burn out all in one day… and today we come home and it is hot as hell, the air condition broke down and doesn’t work anymore… HURRA! My husband doesn’t like it one bit, he is someone who loves the cold… I like the warmth, but I hate when I don’t have the free will to turn on some coldness for relieve…
  3. My mother lost another friend just in a matter of days. Because of ONE stupid sentence of hers… Was not the first time this happened… I know about at least 3 other friends who kicked her out of their FB friendship lists because of ONE damn sentence without thinking about it… (like I said emotions are raging currently and there is no way stopping it, accept trying to stay as much as possible centered in the heart.
  4. A friend of ours got diagnosed with liver cancer… the weird thing was that he was 3 days before that at our home and we ate dinner together, no sign whatsoever about any disease… Shock. maybe the next good friend who will not be in our circle anymore…
  5. People are seemingly leaving their bodies now. I think it has to do with the evolutionary change that is on it’s way currently. there are bodies who are so much in resistance that they literally can not make the leap and die off in order to come back in a fresh body and start from there… While others are seemingly able to cope with the changes and integrate them rather then letting them destroy them.
  6. People are reporting left and right that their lives are changing due to dramatic events in relationships, death as catalyst for a spiritual awakening etc.

Today I had the proof of a human being who will probably not make the leap to the next evolution at least not in this body. He does not believe in anything, not that we are souls, not that we can create and have powers in our thoughts in emotions. For him everything is causal and there is no free will. and he was very certain that there are no people who can predict the future. He is not awake and I can imagine that people who are not awake or a little bit aware about these things have a very hard time coping with it when shit literally hits the fence.

I had to write this blog post, because I am also guilty in seeing attacks in many small things lately. I know I would usually not react like that to small things. But I also understand that there are too many different points of view. Nobody believes and sees the same things as others and so it becomes at some point a ridicules game of chain reactions that repeat over and over again… But enough with the drama, let’s all focus on the future and what these tremendous amounts of evolutionary energy will bring for all of us. Now is the time to be strong, stay strong and try to integrate these energies as much as you can through your heart center! As there it is that energy gets transmuted and it will be used for positive changes in the species and universal consciousness as well as for our planet.

At the end of this post I have to admit, I am sweating like a pig… I don’t think it’s a good idea to run around with K. fire and heat from the sun at the same time… It just creates a flood of water coming out. Positively I see it as detoxification. 🙂 As we say in German “Ein bisschen Spaß muss sein” “there has to be a little bit of fun!”

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