Evolution of perception – shift in abilities – Kundalini infusion cycles

in the beginning of my Kundalini Awakening it was not that obvious yet. The first time I had an infusion of a big portion of Kundalini energy was August 2014. It took 3 weeks after that and the infusion brought on weird body sensations such as tingling, crawling, pinprick or needle in skin sensations. Pronounced was also a strong twitch in my left upper eyelid, which would stay for days or hours ongoing. I had ear sensations such as the feeling of energy becoming dense and entering the ear with a throbbing and buzzing sensation inside the ear. As if something energetic was cleaning my left ear. all my ear sensations were always stronger on the left than on the right ear. after the first infusion and 3 weeks later the sensations suddenly got less and less until I could not feel anything anymore.

I had a hard time to cope with the suddenly disappearance and I can imagine that people with a weak mind could fall into deep depressions of having lost something that made them feel alive. But I understood after the second infusion that this happens to our best. One can simply not assume that a 240 volt cable could hold 1000 volt in one infusion over a longer time frame. Hence Kundalini builds the new foundation of nerve channels that is able to hold the energy for longer times. each infusion brings a longer chain reaction with it. Until eventually it does not fade away anymore but rather becomes the new norm.

The second infusion of a big portion of the K. energy happened then again in December 2014. That time it stayed with me for about 2 months ongoing. everyday brought new sensations, twitches, very tiny kriyas, sight, smell and hearing changes. every infusion would open the third eye vision more and more.

then suddenly the energy left me again and I left Facebook in order to cope with my normal life without buzzing and energy that would keep me alive during the day. This time it was gone for almost 6 months.

the third infusion happened just at the end of July and continues since then much stronger than before. The third one so far is the strongest release of big portions of K. energy into my system. I felt much stronger twitches, kriyas of my hands and feet began. this would happen randomly while in relaxed state. Suddenly the hand would feel like electricity is making it move, like a robotic hand that got impulses from an electric output. The same happened in one of my feet. Putting resistance to that kriya brought me heavy cramps so I learned to surrender and just let it happen as weird as it may feel. It would go away by itself once it was ready.

Since all three infusions my perceptions and abilities magnified. I started to realize that my hands could pick up vibrations from objects and also animals as well as humans. Every time I would touch someone or something and let go, my hand would start vibrating in the vibe that it felt before. It’s difficult to describe, but once I stroke my hand over a desk and let go of it I feel immediately a buzzing in my hand.

But not only can I sense vibrations. my sight perception magnified as well. If I now look into the sun for sun gazing in the evening and am sitting in a car that moves the sun moves of course of of sight and back into it, it happens then that I suddenly have like 10 suns glowing as single spots in my vision, not only with eyes closed but with eyes open. Suddenly patches of the sky glow red and purple.

Another thing that I realized is that when I look at something like a room for just one second and then I close my eyes, the vision would turn from red haze to a red glowing imitating of the picture that I saw before, so it happens that when I look out a window with frame etc and then close my eyes I suddenly can see the whole window, the frame all glowing in red, whitish glow! Now I realized that is what Neo said in The Matrix Revolutions “I wish you could see what I can see, everything is out of light!” He is so right. As dark as the real world looked in the matrix movies, the real EYE (The third eye) is able to perceive the reality, everything is created out of light!

another perception change is connected to sight as well. Sometimes when I focus on something, I see mirages of a white glowing shadow that sometimes overlaps with my vision and then it almost seems as if a white shadow is hushing across my vision. When I close my eyes I see white lights flickering and fading. Yesterday I looked into the sky while we were driving someplace and I saw weird pruple mist in patches hanging in the air. I see more and more that with each major Kundalini release that perceptions change and get more accurate, I could swear that I see during the day an overlapping dimension. The werid glowing shadows around everything that I see? I believe I see actually through my third eye AND through my physical eyes. Which lets me see the physical version AND the light version. Ever walked past a door frame and your would see a weird glowing shadow around it that would pass through your vision? It’s difficult to describe what I actually see. But everything has a glowing twin around it! that’s the best I can describe it in short form.

Cognition: Over time the process of Kundalini Awakening does not release the full blown energy into the system as a short circuit saving mechanism. It is kept small in doses so the system would not “explode” or “burn out”… Which can easily happen if too much energy is released. But instead Kundalini with the wisdom she possesses releases with small breaks in between enough energy to the system to do what she needs to do to clean the body temple in order to house her in a total. the temple needs to be clean of egoic control, clean of energetic blocks, clean of desires, cravings, intolerance, anger and all emotions that no other life form can tolerate! once that is done through the small infusions of the energy, she releases herself in total through our system and goes for the place that is her seat. the seat of god. The small infusions in a Kundalini Awakening are there to prepare us to house the Kundalini in her totalness! She would never go into a temple that is still unclean and definitely not into a temple that has narrow pathways. so she needs to send her burning fire over a time to clean up the mess, until the HUGE ROAR goes through the system and up the spine. If this does not happen, know that you are still in a cleaning process and the time will come that K. decides to release herself in her totalness.

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