Cognition about a vision connected to a movie!

Back in 2014 when I first experienced my Kundalini Awakening I had very strong visual phenomena occurring, from lights behind closed eyes, to weird looking white mirage fog and mist that seems to hang in the air, to blinking vision up to hearing changes. Out of a sudden I awoke and got aware of a subtle white noise tone that I could never hear before.  Sometimes my right ear would suddenly go deaf and the white noise stopped for a second, so a much clearer tone like a flute or clarinet could come through! this clear tone would stay for a few seconds and then the deafness would go away and the usual white noise came back.

then a few nights in a row when I was meditating I would see a huge bright white light flash that mostly came unannounced making it impossible for me to know exactly when it would happen. One thing for sure a flute tone came with it! With the bright light flash I would suddenly see a persons face right in front of me. So clear that I could see the facial expressions, eye color, age of the person etc. Every single time I tried to focus on these people it seems as if their expression got angry and that was always the moment when my heart suddenly jumped like without any reason. I wasn’t afraid when I saw the faces. But the anger that came through made my heart jump.

The last one of these visions was a disturbing one for me as I did not expect anything like it. The same thing happened. flute tone in ear, high pressure feeling and then BOOM white light and a face would appear. But this time it was not human… It was a creature, possibly ET. It had a long face structure, no eyes, no mouth and yet it starred at me. Again I tried to focus on it, but as soon I did my heart would jump and the vision disappeared…

Today I watched the movie “Knowing” from 2009 with Nicolas Cage! I highly suggest watching this movie as it has so many elements in it that completely resonate with me and my energy. I felt energy rushes while watching the movie. Those who know it, know what to expect in the end and how the light beings looked like. If you look closely at the picture you see exactly what I saw, just not this bright shining. It was more of a grey or black color when I saw it. I was shocked when I saw the faces today, as it totally reminded me of that vision flash.

Everything in that movie resonates, from the method how “They” speak and communicate up to the high pitched noise in one ear whenever a message came through! It was correct! Quite shocking actually…

These kind of vision flashes stopped since I saw that ET being starring at me. I did not get one of those since then. And I have no idea why.

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