Strong energy last night

I think last night was one of the strongest nights in a while. As soon I hit the bed I felt my whole body vibrating and buzzing like crazy. Energy sensations, little whirlwind energies etc. everywhere on my body. But one thing was very pronounced. Before I went to bed I had the loudest ever experienced left ear crack. It was in fact so loud that I probbaly could have recorded it.

I was lying on my back while I just relaxed to the beautiful loving sensations of the energy current. As I felt the energy approaching my head I suddenly started feeling a constant inner ear vibration and buzzing. On the left ear! It was buzzing and in the same moments made weird popping and cracking noises. I suddenly had the realization that when my husband wakes me up in the night because of apparent “teeth grinding” does he really hear me grind my teeth?

I once asked him what it sounded like and he told me like loud banging on teeth. My teeth grinding during the day however sounds more like a real grinding not like banging or popping and I started wondering if he may hears my ears and skull cracking in my sleep!

This time I was fully aware of the noises that were created through this heavy energetic experience. I actually wanted to record it to see if it shows up on a recorder. But I was too lazy and in fact just didn’t feel like getting up from those sensations that I was experiencing…

this inner ear vibration happened once in the very beginning of my Kundalini Awakening, but then went away for some time. that was August 2014! Now it came back and was louder than ever! I mean when you hear your ear suddenly cracking and popping like you literally came out of high altitude that is definitely something.

On a scale from 1 to 10 I would say last nights experience was on 6-7. It was so strong.


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