Current Kundalini Sensations – 08/26/2015

The current Kundalini sensations are actually many. I will again write down the most pronounced sensations for me:

  1. Buzzing, tingling, pressure, movement around the crown and forehead.
  2. Change in frequency in both ears. White noise changed to a white noise with underlying high pitched tone. Possible a side effect of the recent change in the Earth’s Shuman Resonance.
  3. Extreme energetic sensations around the legs, back and recently also the neck
  4. Loud cracks and popping sensations from my ears. It feels and sounds like the ear literally broke open! Very loud pops, just experienced one on the left ear, sounded like my skull was cracking and the ear released the pressure with a loud POP.
  5. electrifying sensations mostly pointed at the temples of my head, but also happened on my thighs! It feels like an electric hand or finger touches you and the skin reacts in an electric kind of way.
  6. Many, many light orbs around me lately. I sometimes look around and can see a blue shining light spot appearing someplace in my visual field.
  7. White mirages of light seem to pass through my vision. Sometimes it literally feels and looks like something goes through my visual field and I see it as white haze suddenly overlaying my vision.
  8. Twitches continue to appear all over my body.
  9. Pinpricks or electric needle sensation in different parts of my body. Feels like something literally injects a needle in the skin, with the same effect of pain. Right now it’s on the backside of my right shoulder blade.
  10. there is a white light pattern that seems to circle around with blinking white lights whenever I am looking up with closed eyes. It’s left and right from my visual field.
  11. Sometimes my visual field blinks or it seems at least as if the air is blinking.
  12. Heavy electrical interference (same day: computer monitor broke down and went black on me, light bulb of my husbands lamp burned out, it is a halogen bulb, light bulb in bathroom burned out and flickered while touching the switch. next day: My navigation system goes berserk and does show me the way, says left and then right only to find out that the calculation was wrong, a few times, I did not find the location, and believe me I never had problems with this thing… my husbands navigation system on his phone had the same problem!)

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