Another try for an OOB, different result than expected.

Last night I thought I give it another try. Since I didn’t really try for such a long time to have an Out of Body experience. I first lay on my back and closed my eyes, deeply repeating the intention to wake up and not move or open my eyes. I also set the intention for a possible OBE while falling asleep but staying awake in my mind.

When I settled and totally relaxed I started seeing the purple light swirls. I placed my awareness in different chakras throughout my body to see where I can feel the strongest sensation that I could maybe use for the OBE. I focused on my heart center, but as always K. was pulling my awareness right to the third eye area. I am not doing anything, I just cannot hold my awareness in my heart center. It almost seems like my attention is needed in the third eye for now. As it is the most active area the last couple of weeks. Actually since beginning of August! Tingles, pressure, electric spreading chills, helmet feeling on head. Massage feeling in brain and tingling as well as zapping of the scalp.

So I surrendered to this pull and just let my awareness go where it was needed. Right straight at the forehead. It did not take long to feel the third eye vortex sensations (as I call them) It feels like there is a vortex in front of you that goes deep inside the forehead.

My body settled and felt almost non existent, as I suddenly felt a weird feeling. Something literally shot from bottom to forehead, like an energy flash of white light. It was so strong that i actually felt the whole beam of it going through my body. After that I suddenly had a very short glimpse of my right arm shooting upwards in front of my eyes. and this made my heart jump. I knew my arm was still lying on  the bed right beside me. And later I realized that this was probbaly my chance to get out of body… What a shame. It was just too unexpected that after this weird flash beam I would suddenly see my right arm lifting up in front of my closed eyes. Nothing happened after that. I set the intention that after awakening I would not move or open my eyes.

I know I awoke a lot of times early this morning, but for some reason my body always decided to turn around right after waking up. again I had no control over this movement. It was like wake up, BOOM body turns by itself…

One thought on “Another try for an OOB, different result than expected.

  1. Vibrant says:

    Don’t try too hard dear.

    Effort is indeed needed but let it be a joy in moderation. 🙂


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