Vision through the eyes of a man lying on surgery table!

Last evening while lying in bed I just did my nightly meditation to tune in to my inner self. There was a precises moment after some deep in-breaths that the frequency on my ears got stronger and much higher pitched. It happened on both ears! in that moment I could feel energy working inside my neck and up to the head. It seems every time a new pathway is created I can hear a change in the frequency that I hear all day long, and then it becomes more clear and louder.

After a while i started seeing the purple energy swirls and sometimes light golden blotches of light that suddenly appeared in my visual field. It’s like sometimes specific parts get brighter for a few seconds and then it becomes dark again.

But then something happened. I suddenly saw a crystal clear picture with a purple haze overtone. i looked through the eyes of a man and I looked down to my body, the upper body was naked and I was apparently lying on a table. I finally realized it was a surgery table sort of. I could not move my head, I only saw my upper body. But as I looked above me there was this bright light of a surgery lamp shining down at me. At that moment the vision suddenly got wiped out with a golden windshield wiper. It literally looked to me as if something didn’t want me to look further into this vision. I have no idea what that was. But if this was a past life incident it could explain why I was from childhood on so afraid of surgery tables and the instruments of dentists and orthodontists.

I remember an incident from my childhood when I was in orthodontist care for my jaw problems and bite corrections. I was literally afraid whenever these people would get an instrument out to work on me. Once I was so nervous and afraid that I actually got a extreme weird looking red rash on my neck on both sides. It was so pronounced that my mother saw it. it appeared out of nowhere.

I am wondering if this was a vision of a past life incident… Maybe the moment of my death? Or an operation I had to go through? Sadly I could not see more it just got wiped out of my vision when I looked into the surgery lamp light.

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