Strong Kundalini energy reactions

Yesterday was one of the strongest days for the energy. I don’t know why, but it was the whole day strongly vibrating and buzzing in my back. Also the head was being worked on a lot. There was a moment last evening when we watched a movie in which it felt like the energy went to the left side of my face. The whole left side from cheek to hairline suddenly felt like something circuited. It felt like an electrical surge suddenly spread through that area, very weird feeling. It’s a feeling I know from the very beginning, it happened a few times inside my ears and the feeling of it always felt like an electric jolt through the ears and through my brain.

Later that evening I lay on the floor to meditate just a little bit and I felt strong energetic movements inside my body, but also around my body. It felt once literally as if energy was getting dense between my two legs, where the root chakra is situated. It felt like energy literally pulsed in the open space between my legs. as if the air was pulsing, again very difficult to describe. I felt my tailbone buzzing a few times.

Then when it was time for me to go to bed and I was lying on my back, I closed my eyes and just relaxed. I felt strong energy movements inside my back, the electrical moving current was present the whole day and did not shut off during the night. I was lying some time and just relaxing with closed eyes as I suddenly felt a very weird sensation. It felt like a rotating twister came up my neck and inside my head. I literally felt as if my neck was rotating. When this happened I had a weird feeling in my chest and had the sense as if I could not breath anymore, or I wasn’t breathing? My head suddenly jerked up and moved very fast like if someone wanted to crack your neck from left to right. the same moment my head did the motion my left arm lifted from the bed. this sensation brought me back to awareness what was happening.

Sometime after this I must have fallen asleep. Then suddenly I came back to awareness still half sleep and half awake, I did not hear anything in this moment, but my husbands finger was suddenly lying on my upper teeth, I know my mouth must have been open. I knew he must have tried to wake me up because of tooth grinding? Weird I didn’t hear or feel anything, but then my husbands finger on my tooth woke me up.

I also cannot remember any dreams the last two days. Seems like my body really needs the rest and I just do not remember my dreams.

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