Current Kundalini Sensations – 08/19/2015

The last couple of days, actually since the month August began I am feeling strong energetic sensations all throughout my body and also today it already began very strong in the morning.

Current sensations are:

  1. Strong buzzing in my feet and legs, feels like energy is swirling up certain times per day.
  2. Very strong buzzing like from a cellphone is going on in my root chakra. I am sitting cross legged and I feel the buzzing through my overlapping upper thigh.
  3. very strong energetic pressures, pushes, tingles and a feeling of sparkles on top of my head
  4. Pin pricks, twitches and the feeling of shooting pains throughout the body.
  5. the ear tones changed. While I heard white noise and sometimes a clarinet or flute tone, I can now hear an underlying high pitched tone in between the white noise.
  6. Sometimes blue light orbs appear in my peripheral vision.
  7. Tons of light visuals behind closed eyes. Like shortly seeing the room glowing up with closed eyes and then fading away.
  8. An electrical current that slowly moves up my body. I used to only feel in in the lower part. But I feel it now many times much higher up, in my chest, on my back and sometimes in the neck, but there not so many times. i think the Current moves through the process up the body until the brain is reached. Some people call it Body and Brain Rewiring, because it feels like electric pathways are being created all over.
  9. Energy swirls and tactile hair raising when energy moves through certain areas.
  10. A feeling of internal chills sometimes only in one body part. Last night it was my left leg.
  11. Tension in muscles that moves also from spot to spot. Back aches and neck aches and then suddenly nothing, as if it was never there!
  12. Sometimes a very short lived sharp pain in one part of the skull. i believe the cranial plates are starting to migrate with the strong energy and vibrations!

these are the current most persistent sensations I experience in my process.

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