Shared symptoms, but no insight…

It’s interesting, a couple of weeks ago I awoke one morning and felt something happened with my back. It was stiff on one side and felt like I could not move my body to the right side without much pain. I had no idea what happened in the night that I would feel that way. The thing was that I wasn’t able to locate the source of the pain. It just seemed to be there. It was not the spine, it must have been muscles who were suddenly tense and aching. I went through the day doing some Yoga exercises to relieve the pressure feeling on the right side. this thing went on the whole day and nothing I did could remove the tension.

The next day when i awoke, I felt that the tension was suddenly gone out of my back and moved up to the neck. The same thing happened. I could not move my neck to the right side without much pain. I figured it must be one of the famous Kundalini symptoms (aching and tension anywhere in the body, when blocks are there that need to be removed) And Kundalini usually does do that. The tension and aching of body needs to be surrendered, as it is part of the transformation process. Growing hurts sometimes. You cannot stop teething pains and you cannot stop growing pains when new bones are growing! So why would you think you can stop growing pain that was started by your own higher self and the Kundalini energy as the force that makes it all possible?

I went through the day and did nothing to relieve the pain, I just let it BE. And it was a very wise decision because the next day the pain was literally gone. like there was never anything wrong with me! These are the very first signs of Kundalini being present inside of you. If you have weird pains, aches and other sensations that seem to move around your body, without staying too long on one spot!  doctors have no clue about this phenomenon so the prescribe drugs, medications for all these symptoms and effects. But you cannot heal something that moves around the body and is the very process of our evolution as a species!

There are people like my husband who just cannot see that and believe all kind of things that are may wrong with them so the first thing they do is of course run to the doctor, because something is wrong.

My husband awoke this morning and had the same tension and inability to move his head to the right or left side. But of course as always he exaggerates it and believes it must be something in his universe that is impacting on him. He himself said once I never experienced so much pain in my life before. This never happened before. And if someone says these words, they should realize that something else is going on that they CANNOT control and are not supposed to control. Evolution is a process that starts without our doing or creation. It starts when we are ready and let go of the ego mind identification.

But I cannot tell my husband these things as he has his own views and realities and as long as he does not experience something that shatters his believe systems he won’t listen, so what he does is running to the next physiotherapist to resist the growing force. And it pains me to know that I could help him, but he just doesn’t want to hear it. In fact he calls my experiences unclean… Well that’s his point of view isn’t it? So I just let him experience what he needs to experience in order to break down in his ego and finally see what is really going on.

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