Running Marathon – Close to winning

This morning before waking up I had the most bizarre dream ever. You may ask why it was bizarre. Well usually my dreams are about something specific and had a story kind of feeling, but this dream was just a running marathon with a few messages here and there. In the dream I saw green grass, a few people but I remember mostly that I ran like in a marathon, trying to catch up with the forerunners.

When I came closer and closer to the number 1 of the team I felt very excited as I was about to pass the forerunner who was a black guy who I never saw in my life. Maybe it was someone from a past life? I have no idea. I was passing him with some effort on my part, but as soon as I passed him he caught up again and passed me. It was a head on head run and I felt the exhaustion from running. The whole dream literally was about running.

At some point however I caught up and passed the black guy. I was number one. It was still a long way and in my dream I saw the guy falling back far behind me. But then there came a cross road, I ran over a huge lawn with a few trees on it and I see myself running over the lawn crossing the street. but then suddenly the rules changed and the dream suggested that the first finish spot was exactly on that lawn and I tried to run further to the next finish spot. I then see the black guy who ran towards the lawn that I just passed before and he won the marathon… I was however on second, as I realized that I just passed the finish spot I returned to the lawn and I had a huge surprise there.

I talked to the black guy, congratulating him on his win. Even though I felt cheated because the dream changed the rules mid run… then out of nowhere I stood there with two little kids, a girl with brown hair and a boy with brown hair. They came to me and looked at me with beautiful warm eyes. I kneel down and they hugged me, which was the end of the dream…

I woke up and my husband just got out of bed, while I opened my eyes and still was tired I looked at him and the lamp beside him and closed my eyes again, it was then when I had a very short second flash up of the before seen picture. I saw the silhouette of my husband and the lamp before my closed eyes. But not like I would see it in the physical eyes. It all had glowing silhouettes and sadly did not stay that way. After a second the picture disappeared and I just saw the red haze again with closed eyes. Then I opened my eyes again and closed them shortly afterwards and the same thing happened. Very quick I saw the lamp and the curtain of our window glowing up in my vision, again just for a second. I believe this could mean that my third eye is slowly developing! Maybe I am able to see with closed eyes someday?


One thought on “Running Marathon – Close to winning

  1. Dayna says:

    Interesting. The metaphor of running a race has come up for me before. I was shown that I was at near the finish line, somewhere around mile 21. I definitely was not winning, though. lol

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