Strong energy the last 3 days!

Literally that last 3 days have been very intense in terms of energetic experiences. I had very strong surges of energy pouring in my head. So strong that it gave me one day a serious headache. And I never had headaches in my entire life! It was like a pressure inside the head, that went from the temples up to the upper part of the forehead, right were the hair line begins! I felt punches  and movement inside my head, as well as on the scalp in form of tingling, fizzling and movement of some sort.

But that is not all… The energy surges were so strong that I literally felt my whole back vibrating and buzzing. I felt and heard bones crack, and dizziness came in short burst waves. It’s like a super huge amount of energy was pouring in nonstop from the morning till late in the night.

I felt vortex or void kind of sensations in my heart center as a result my heart jumped with a heavy thump once in a while. As if being sucked into an endless void. The same punches or sucking motions I felt many times in my head.

This morning I awoke a few times and fell right back to sleep. But I remember one time it seemed like a purple tunnel with different colored light lines opened up in front of me, it was a thin tunnel and it seemed to move forward, but it disappeared when I apparently fell asleep again. Tons of dreams, so many though that I hardly remember any of them in full detail right now. I think this night brought more dreams than any night before.

However the energy experience of the last days has been a very amazing ride! I believe it was a taste of what is to come in the future, as I see myself still in the beginning of this amazing transformation process. It’s about one year now since my Kundalini Awakening, which happened August 2014! Funny enough my husband said yesterday that all his life BIG things happened in August for him. It’s kind of interesting that my Kundalini Awakening was in august as well! Seems like his intentions for August transferred over to me.


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