Kundalini is slowly coming back & my husbands dream

Today is as expected the first day of my period cycle in this month… Last month it was kind of okay and not painful. Today however I cringed a lot and cramps were unbearable. Also tons of bowel release throughout the cramping moments… I am feeling better now.

Last night I was lying in bed and meditating. I just kept being aware of my surroundings and my third eye area. After a short while I started feeling the activation in my forehead. On the etheric layer I felt a weight and some kind of buzzing which shows me that I am on my way to a Third eye activation. I did not force anything, I just stayed aware and so it happened that I fell asleep on my back and also woke up this morning lying on my back. I did not move in the night, which is nice. Because usually I seem to jump in bed throughout sleep.

It seems Kundalini does indeed affect people who live and surround the awakening person. My husband told me this morning that he had a very weird nightmare, which was so real and at the same time unreal that it stuck with him. He told me the dream:

He dreamed that he was with a whole bunch of people in a large skyscraper and they were invited to do a course in the basement of that building. When they went down there he suddenly saw a huge dark wave like a tsunami coming into the city and crashing against the building. They were in fear and ran to an elevator which fit only 3 people, very small space. And they needed to go up the building. My husband then continued saying that something was weird about this dream, the whole time he was so angry and then something happened, which is a first for him as he never saw himself as being someone or something else. He saw himself being the huge waves of water destroying everything. Dark water and huge waves. He literally thought the water was himself.

I told him that this dream was a huge message dream to him and I told him about my dreams how they show my flows and what I need to work on and I further explained that his dream may showed him two things, his constant anger that he carry’s around is a huge impact on life and everything around him, the anger is destructible. On the other hand the water usually shows life and new beginnings, so it could mean that he had two messages here. 1. Release your anger; it destroys things and everything around you. 2. It could show you a new beginning, but first the old needs to be destroyed. Funny enough he was not arguing about it. I think he had cognition in that dream. This is good!

This alone shows me that once Kundalini is awake it tries everyday and every minute to awaken the other person who is living with you. With any means, tests, losing money, aggression. It even shows the persons flows in other persons and that makes him realize how much he hates this in other persons. Kundalini does use the outer layer which is our electromagnetic field and this is transformed as well, which makes it possible for the energy to affect other people. Some are ready and awake with you, while others are resisting and feel the trying of opening as pain and aggression towards them.

I strongly feel the buzzing and energetic sensations around my head lately and also the purple and white light dots become stronger when I meditate. Vibration anywhere in the body means that this spot gets activated on the etheric layer. Seeing and perceiving lights eyes closed or not means you are making a connection to the astral layer.

One day I was sitting in our bathtub and just relaxing and starring in the space in front of me. While my physical eyes relaxed I started seeing the purple light swirls coming in and out of the space in front of me. It’s always a pulsing the light grows either strong on the outsides and shrinks to the center. Or it gets produced in the center and grows towards the outsides of vision. Sometimes when I look into a dark room and just stare in the space in front of me, I see left and right side of my vision white glowing light spots that circle in a vertical line up and down, it looks like light pathways between left and right brain hemispheres. Very beautiful.

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