Insight nr. 2 Kundalini cycle

Just a few days ago I was writing about the fact that my Kundalini one again goes a little bit into her ebb phase and just the last time I wrote this was 1 month ago, and guess what… at that time when Kundalini energy went into the ebb phase I got my period pretty soon afterwards. It is now not different. A few days ago I realized that the energy is going a little bit silent again. Like after a flood comes an ebb phase. And it seems Kundalini energy for me always goes into the ebb phase when I am very shortly going into another period cycle. Interestingly enough it seems through Kundalini it gets more planned. Last month I got my period on a Wednesday and I know that this time will be also Wednesday as I already feel the pressure and tension.

It is kind of interesting that Kundalini does changes throughout the body but as soon the period of the female body comes the energy seems to go down and prepares to work in the female organs. Just 2 days ago I was watching a movie with my husband while I was totally calm and relaxed and I felt these pulsing, electric pinches in my abdomen on the right side. I suppose that Kundalini already worked in that area before I even realized that I will have my period soon afterwards.

One thing for sure, she teaches me to listen to my body and through her pattern I could find out already 2 times in a row when I will get my period, without writing it down. And you can be sure that my period was never on time… It came if it wanted and sometimes much later or way too early. But now it’s like an internal clock, and it is already the 2nd time that the first day of my period will start on a Wednesday.

However I still feel pulsing, random twitches that feel like electric charge in a muscle group. Tingling and electric ants on my head. I also can feel vibrations much better since some time now. Today I was holding my hand under hot flowing water; I was filling our bathtub for a bath. Afterwards I could feel a very fast vibration on the palm of my hand. It just continued to vibrate even though I already let go of the flowing water stream.

The same thing happens with our blender. Whenever I make a shake and hold the lid with one hand while it is blending the ingredients, I can feel the vibration of the blender. It’s like my whole hand continues vibrating on that level of vibration. This feels extremely funny.

Also when I carry the watering can through the house while my husband plays the piano, I can feel the vibrations of the music through the watering can. It’s like the room vibrates and because I hold an object I can feel the vibration that goes through the object. I am pretty sure I did not feel these things before my Kundalini Awakening.


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