Current Kundalini Sensations – 08/12/2015

As I already posted earlier, Kundalini was done with her work in my abdomen for the next period /menstruation cycle. It’s now on full blown and Kundalini seems to go back to her work. The current Sensations for Kundalini’s energy infusion are:

  1. heavy weight feeling on top of head, magnetic sensation in forehead, tingles and champagne bubbles on scalp.
  2. tingles, buzzing and sometimes internal shaking of my legs.
  3. Left foot is still very active and the plantar is humming off and on during the day and night. resulting in energy surges up the legs
  4. a return of something that I thought was gone for good. I always had problems with herpes on my lips and stress could easily trigger it to come back… Since my Awakening I did not have it once. I actually believed K. healed this disease. But yesterday I woke up and the left side beside my mouth has a huge spot of herpes. Thanks god not the lips again it’s more painful. But it is on the skin beside the lips… I did not feel anything of it starting to grow beforehand… I know that the Kundalini infusions in my back probably have to do with it. Because Herpes lays dormant in the spinal column and what could trigger it more than a huge energetic flow that goes up and down and triggers nerve reactions. Maybe it was the last time now with Herpes. Kundalini healed my long term thyroid disease. Maybe the herpes needed to be triggered in order to be removed!
  5. pinching sensations all over the body. It feels like something suddenly takes  a whole bunch of flesh and bites it out of your skin. I once was sitting in front of the computer as I suddenly felt energy movements in my neck and the next moment it suddenly stung as if being bitten. The same pinches I feel in areas where I know I am not opened enough. Like my hips, my neck and should griddle. I probably need to do more stretching exercises to remove the blocks.
  6. Inner humming sound. I don’t think it will ever go away. But as long as I hear it, I know I am progressing. As it is my own inner vibration that I can hear. sometimes when Kundalini is creating new circuits and connections I hear a subtle flute or clarinet tone in one ear. It depends on the side of the body that is being worked on.
  7. Inner energetic surges that feel like a cable got cut in the middle and the electricity is short circuiting. Suddenly inner chills can be felt spreading over the whole body or only in the area where the energetic circuit was created
  8. Result of intense energetic surges the body hair is standing on roots, sometimes energy can be felt as tiny whirlwinds and the hair stands up where this happens.

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