Kundalini energy back into ebb phase / patterns

Yesterday the 08th of August was known in many new age circles as 888 Liongate, which supposedly opens up immense energies for individuals who are ready to receive them. However I experienced it quite different. I was assuming that if it really was so powerful I would feel something, anything of energetic nature. But this phenomenon did not occur. instead I am experiencing right now another ebb phase of Kundalini.

interestingly enough I figured out the activation pattern of the K. energy. Once it’s activates I feel a strong buzzing and vibration in my tailbone. It feels like two things that people could make sense of.

1. Like liquid pouring into my spinal column.
2. Like something uncoiling and going right up the spine.
After this sensations subsides I can feel tons of different sensations weeks afterwards. And ongoing during the day and the night. like muscle twitches, heavy skin itching, tingling, crawling, pinching sensations all over my body and a very strong feeling of electric ants or something massaging my brain and forehead. Stronger visual phenomena are visible during this heated time.

Then once the energy is done doing what it needed to do through the activated time, it’s fast building new nerve connections all over the body. Felt as surging sparkling energy rushes all over the body. I always called them Inner chills or truth chills. But I know believe that this is the body rewiring process that Denise La Fay and Betsy from (Our New Light Body) described. It’s the only sensation during the process which does not hurt but rather feels like intense bliss rushes all over the entire system. Like millions of new neuron connections are created. Sometimes only in one leg, other times so strong that it spreads over the whole chest up to the scalp and then feels like champagne bubbles on top of the head. Or as if air is released out of the crown.

Once this Rewiring is done the sensations subside and go away for another break for the body to acclimate to the changes and to get used to the higher vibrations.

a few months or weeks later the whole process begins again but each time it does, it brings new sensations and gifts with it. Each single time this process activated for me I get more and stronger visual phenomenons. Right now everything that stands, moves etc. has a white glowing shadow, like a second layer on top of the object or body and if someone moves this white glow does follow them and can be seen. It’s beautiful. I also started seeing tiny blue light orbs, that sometimes appear out of nowhere. For example I was playing with my pet bird, as I held my hand towards him and played with him, I suddenly saw a tiny blue light appearing next to my hand.

Betsy wrote that many people believe they had a Full Blown Kundalini Awakening, but in reality only a few individuals reached this phase were K. energy is really working 24/7 without break. There are 4 Dark Nights of the soul. Each one releases major blocks and emotional junk. after the 4th Awakening which feels like death of body, the Kundalini gets awakened full blown and that is the point of no return. The point were we have to deal with it 24/7 360 days a year.

People who had a Kundalini Activation usually have symptoms and sensations for a few weeks and then it’s subsiding. Like it’s for me currently… If it truly were a Full Blown Awakening the symptoms would NOT fade away but rather get stronger each day. More about this can be studied from Betsy’s page:

Kundalini 4 stages of Awakening

3 thoughts on “Kundalini energy back into ebb phase / patterns

  1. So good to see your blog! The more we can raise awareness, the more I think it helps to clear the way for others to know this powerful evolutionary process. I think its so necessary at this time in our history.

    For me, this issue with energy has always been most about how I surrender. The collective consciousness, its always there and I am part of it, but the movements of the whole….I am not so sure I notice them as a force that cause me to move with it. I simply sense how the whole is changing. It is not as fast as me might like or think. We are each a cell in the larger body of 6.6 billion parts. But at any moment, an incredible flow can begin, which it has done recently for me, but only because I have cleared some blocks. 3¢.

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    • talynia says:

      You are absolutely right Stafford! BTW. thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate that a lot 🙂 For me it has been some kind of up and downs. In august 2014 this amazing energy awoke and brought some amazing changes with it. Not very life altering changes so far, as some can suddenly see spirit etc. I did not, at least not yet. But the changes are amazing either way. I know that Kundalini especially in the beginning 1st year can become silent for quite some time. Seems like it’s suddenly all gone and people then go through a very depressive time, as they believe they lost it, they lost the feeling of being alive, so vibrant in and outside. But then it suddenly stops and seems to be gone. Some may go into a long term depression which can bring on a Dark Night of the Soul, which on the other hand is being used to transform us further. After a few weeks or months Kundalini then comes back much stronger than before. That’s my experience with her. She went away 3 times and each and every single time she took a break just to come back even stronger in the next run. The stops and breaks are getting shorter and shorter after each completed cycle. And after a while it is so short that it almost seems like it’s running forever, just that it does the same thing as before without taking breaks. 🙂 And each cycle usually brings more consciousness with it and more gifts and forgotten abilities. ❤

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      • It is the expansion/contraction of the cosmic mind/ego mind finding a place of balance and harmony IMO. I tell you, I started talking to it and it would tell me all kinds of things….show me things….and when I asked it to come on strong…it did….most often so strong that it would bowl me over….but this lead to clearing old blocks and eventually I got to a place where the flow became much much stronger and it crushed the position ego had in me….no, ego did not die…it merely was moved to a less central location….and now the flow is much easier up my core. Ego is just given to central a role, along with the rational linear mind. So want to let it flow real strong? Let go of the need to know…just let go and surrender…and what you will be surrendering to will be the divine within and without. You will expand and accelerate consciousness all at the same time. So simple a thing….it is like falling off a log, falling in love….being inspired, etc. There are all kinds of twists and turns, but just hang with it and the intelligence of the energy will lead you to right where you need to be in your personal development. All my best to you and thanks for stopping by! Miraculous to hear of others going through this and reaching new mile markers! Keep us updated!

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