Current Kundalini Sensations – 08/05/2015

Kundalini is running non stop, some days stronger than others, but so far I felt her everyday in one way or another. So I want to provide the newest list of current Kundalini Sensations:

  1. A constant on and off buzzing in the left plantar. It doesn’t matter if I sit, stand, I can always feel like a little engine starting, idling for a second and then turn off again. The same buzzing on and off I can also feel in my back and sometimes very rarely in my root chakra.
  2. Split view visual phenomena. Which means that when I for example look at a screen and see a website, and then close my eyes for a few seconds, the website starts glowing up in my vision with closed eyes. The text is never clearly visible. It rather looks like white glowing lines, but everything else on the website glows in a subtle pink/purple light. I am wondering if this is a very short time of looking through the third eye!
  3. More and more sensations around my body hair. Yesterday I was holding a paper for my husband and I suddenly felt a strange fizzling on my left arm. When I looked on my arm I saw that the hair on that spot stood up on roots, while the rest of the surrounding hair was flat. The same I saw already on different parts of my body. Even the hair on my fingers sometimes stands up. This alone shows me that Kundalini uses the body hair to communicate and travel, ergo hair is important for spiritual evolution!
  4. Sometimes I get these pulsing, burning sensations that feel like a pulse beam is constantly fired on a spot. Last night I felt this pulse pain of electrical nature in my right hip, it pulsed a few times and this is one of the very rare sensations that actually does hurt a little bit. However it was only short lived.
  5. I also got over my fear when Kundalini energy is working in my heart center. It feels like the heart is being massaged from the inside, it jumps a few time with a combination of a shaking and buzzing,. Usually my heart jumps because of fear. But I was able to withstand and felt the massaging sensation for a few seconds, until it went away from alone. I see this as fear test success.
  6. Sometimes lower spine area and rectum area are start to itch a lot… I think this is because of the burning sensation of the Kundalini fire, it always goes away from alone. Or it just jumps to another place on the body.

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