Current Kundalini Sensations – 07/27/2015

The Kundalini sensations are with me for a long time since the last activation. However the sensations shift a little bit and seem to go from more physical to more mental. But there are also still tactile sensations.

1. The energy gets always stronger towards the evening. Once the clock hits 5 PM I can feel a strong buzz inside my body. The buzzing happens most of the times now in my chest, the legs and the head.
2. Inside meditation I sometimes have a light flash in my vision, a bright light that accompanies a sudden visual such as a crystal clear face. Many times however I look through a slit. Like an half closed eye.
3. Last evening in meditation I felt pushing and buzzing inside my head and I am very certain that I heard a crack from inside my skull. Probably the Pineal Gland. Or bones were being moved by the Kundalini current. As this happens when the energy gets very strong. I however see myself still in the beginning phase as the energy always at some point goes dormant again (at least it seems like it) only to come back weeks or months later much stronger.
4. Ringing and whooshing sounds in ears. Probably not from the ears themselves. It’s more like I pick up on a frequency around my head.
5. Sometimes I feel an internal shaking and fluttering sensation that suddenly starts in muscle groups, such as arms and legs. It’s like something is internally shaking things up.
6. The sensation of a heart growing with a strong beat at certain chakra areas, such as root and solar plexus.
7. Observable traveling of Kundalini energy. The body hair is a good indicator to see where the Kundalini energy is currently working. Yesterday I had a weird rotational fluttering sensation on the right hand wrist. I looked at my hand and saw that only on that spot the hair suddenly stood up, while the rest was just flat. Sometimes I feel this same sensation in my hair around the head. Then it feels literally like something is fizzling in an area around my head inside the hair.

These are the current sensations and symptoms. Every now and then I feel twitches in unusual areas around my body. Under the foot sole, between my ribs, in my abdomen, my upper arms sometimes even around the rectum, which is a very funny sensation I have to say.

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