Bliss and other energetic sensations

the last couple of days the electric buzzing Kundalini current is on non stop. It always grows over the day and becomes strongest toward the evening. Many persons actually experience this grow in energetic sensations towards the evening, so that’s something that seems to be similar to many people’s process. When I went to bed and closed my eyes I could already feel the electric buzzing current vibrating deep inside of my body. The moment I closed my eyes I could feel a tingling sensation crawling up my face on both sides towards the forehead. It was a beautiful sensation.

Almost immediately afterwards I could feel the buzzing vibration very strongly activate in the close area around the tailbone. It was like I was lying on top of an idle engine. Rocking and buzzing. I did not expect anything but had the constant feeling as if a fright train would just get ready to take of. But it didn’t happen. The buzzing just was omnipresent and very strong.

The same buzzing I can feel during the day in different areas of my body, Right now for example the buzzing and vibration goes many times over the stomach area. Suddenly the whole inside of my stomach seems to buzz.

On top of that my husband turned the light on around 3 AM, the reason was as he told me this morning he could not wake me up. He pushed me and touched my face, but I would not wake up. I was grinding my teeth like crazy and he could not sleep. However I found it very weird that I would not respond to his touch or pushes to wake me up. But as soon he turned the light on, I woke up right away.

I really need to go to a dentist, because the grinding of my teeth is not under my control, it seems I do it for extended amounts of time. My husband checked the clock and after 45 minutes of grinding he tried to wake me up, which did not work, until the light came on.

I wonder what is going on in that moment, when he cannot wake me up by normal means. As I write this I feel heavy buzzing sensations in my stomach. also my feet are getting more and more activated by the electric current buzz. There was one moment last night in bed that felt like something went under the blanket and flew above my chest, it went from right to left. I know it is the Kundalini flow and it means a pathway from the right side to the left side was created. As many sensations are now felt on the left side of my body. Except the buzzing in the stomach, which is directly where the belly button is located.

2 thoughts on “Bliss and other energetic sensations

  1. Paula Amero says:

    Thanks for sharing this…… I have been having so much problems with my teeth, jaws and grinding. It feel like my jaw is wearing out from grinding it so much. I don’t know what I’m doing with it while I’m sleeping but I suspect…. grinding! I feel like my jaw is moving around a lot. I know these are Kundalini related problems and it helps to hear about others experiences in the same areas. Thanks

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    • talynia says:

      Hello Paula,
      thank you for your lovely comment. Yes this tooth grinding started with the Kundalini process. I know I did it already before, but since the Awakening it became even worse… What I don’t get is how someone can grind their teeth in sleep. While we are supposedly in Sleep Paralysis. But I suppose the Kundalini is doing it’s kryia thing during the sleep. As my husband also sometimes tells me in the morning that I was jumping in bed waking him up and I did not know anything about it…


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