Current Kundalini Symptoms – 07/23/2015

The Kundalini keeps going strong with me the last couples of days.
Current symptoms that repeat during the day and also during the night:

1. extreme energetic sensations around the head and forehead (tingles, pressure, massage feeling)
2. extreme inner surges of energy and bliss (Many times while watching a movie that resonates for one reason or another)
3. twitches all over the body. One morning I woke up and suddenly my right foot sole started twitching 3 times in a row. Was a funny feeling though.
4. My toes curl sometimes, as if they move by themselves. These are very tiny version of Kundalini Kriyas
5. More visual changes (when I hold my hands in front of a black surface I see a very clear white glow around them, looks beautiful. Like my hands are literally shining light)
6. slight neck kriyas, sometimes the energy is strong and my jaw suddenly snaps or my head suddenly bobs to one side. Not very strong but noticeable.
7. strong electric buzzing current that continues throughout the day and night. Becomes strongest towards the evening.
8. very realistic and long dreams, many of which I can remember the next morning.
9. humming on both ears. Which does not come from the ears themselves, they seem to pick this sound up from around me. I can possibly hear the energetic surges around me.
10. Surges of bliss energy especially in the night while meditating before sleep. Seems like tiny little explosions of a bliss feeling of energy infusing different parts of my body. beautiful the most when it hits the chest and the heart center!

2 thoughts on “Current Kundalini Symptoms – 07/23/2015

  1. lex ❁ says:

    I experienced some of those things during my kundalini awakening.

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