Meditation, intense experience with moldavite gem

Last night my husband wanted to sleep alone because of his recent stomach and digestion problems. I took this night for having a profound meditation. I felt the urge to take my moldavite gem out of the drawer. I placed my body on the bed and was lying on top of all blankets, it was still very warm and humid from the heavy rain. (Finally rain in Los Angeles). As I was lying very comfortably on my back, I grabbed the moldavite and placed it on my forehead. This made it very easy for me to focus on the sensation around my head and forehead.

I closed my eyes and just started meditating, first focusing on my breath and then on my forehead and the weight of the moldavite. I asked the moldavite in my mind to raise my vibrations and what happened afterwards was nothing short of magic!

I felt strong vibrations in my whole body. Inner shivers and inner goose bump sensations were spreading like crazy, all over my body. On the back, on the left leg, on my right arm. And last but not least I felt a wave of vibrations all encompassing my body and going up my back. I felt the exact moment when it reached my head and forehead, as I felt the moldavite vibrate on top of my forehead. It was so strong that I actually believed a little bit more and I get kicked out of my body. When the vibration reached it’s highest peak I could hear on both ears a very loud humming tone that went away after a few seconds.

The experience was so profound that it was totally easy to just let myself be swept away with this tremendous wave of energy that was literally vibrating every single cell of my body. I never felt this sensation before and I strongly believe the Moldavite helped me a lot. It’s now back around my neck. and I will probably never, ever take it off again.

During the intense vibration phase I saw a lot of pictures in my minds eye. One was very strong and clearly visible. It was a silver sword or knife and a silver chain that was going through the metal of the knife, kind of like a double helix of a DNA strand. Other pictures that came on were literally washed away, it was like a huge windshield wiper that suddenly went over the picture. It flashed shortly and then the whole scene was gone. I mean literally!

It was the most amazing experience up to date. I never felt so vibrant in my entire life. it was like a firework inside my own body. Vibrations, shivers, flashes of light.

After that I opened my eyes and as I did I saw red formations in the air, it was like the whole room was kind of red with geometric shapes forming in the air. this visual however went away a few seconds after opening my eyes. It was so beautiful!

After that I crawled underneath the blanket as it got a little bit cold during the night. And once I closed my eyes and concentrated just a little bit on the moldavite on my forehead, the vibrations came on again. also it was getting nice and warm underneath the blanket. The inner energy rushes and shiver sensations continued throughout the night, until I somehow fell asleep at some point.


3 thoughts on “Meditation, intense experience with moldavite gem

  1. It looks like really amazing experience. How long it takes?

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