Nightmare about animals and meat (possible Kundalini teaching)

Last night I had an extreme dream, which I call a nightmare. I did feel all those emotions that I felt in the dream and when I finally woke up I immediately had the cognition that it was a message from my Kundalini.

In my dream I was once again on the same street from my childhood. The street my grandmother was living from the very beginning until she needed to move someplace else. The same street from the dream with the lost long friend who lived in Florida (Eric L.) For some reason the dream took place once again on that same street and we were playing there on the street. As I suddenly see a giant cart and a woman who was pulling that cart on the other side of the street. The cart was filled with a tremendous amount of different sorts of meat. Cut, sliced and just simply row. But what was more disgusting was that there were 4 dead cows lying on that cart as well…

Suddenly the woman with dark brown hair lifted a huge spatula kind of thing and lifted one of those dead cows and let it drop left beside us on the back surface of a transporter car. I only heard the metallic sound of the drop from the heavy body of the cow. The woman lifted the second cow body and wanted to drop it again beside us on the car surface. As I stood up and placed myself in front of her. Telling her right into her face:

“I know these cows are already dead. But please be a little more gentle with their bodies…”

The woman looks at me in awe, not understanding what I just said. Then she answers with a sarcastic voice:

“Well, maybe you should try to lift them instead…”

I looked at her and could not hold it, but said right back:

“I can’t do that… I love animals too much, I cannot do that!”

The dream shifted right here and takes me to our home in L.A. I know we were preparing some burgers with beef… And suddenly the door bell rang and I opened the door and there was this man with shoulder long blonde hair and blue eyes. He looks at me and tells me that he was ordered to do something in our home. I tell him to wait to tell my husband. So he agreed and I let the man come in. But instead of doing the work the man was always coming to me and checking to see how I would create the burgers.

This dream in itself would be weird, but combined with the dead cows dream and all the meat and then again meat in the form of beef on burgers, let’s me believe that my Kundalini actually gave me the clear message to slowly get off meat and to be more emotionally attached to animals. Which would also explain why I suddenly had the idea to start a pet sitting service. Our neighbors asked me if I didn’t want to do something with animals, as they totally loved how I handled their two cats in the 2 weeks they were gone once. Even that could have been a message passed to me through other people!

I am starting to think that I am one of these persons who are slowly guided to stop eating meat and the dream was very effective in that regard, as I really could feel the terror of seeing these dead cows being handled so scrupulous…

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