Strong Kundalini sensations from yesterday (Trying for OBE)

Yesterday the electrical buzzing of Kundalini’s current activated strongly once again. That’s a first, as it normally is quiet while I am getting into my monthly female cycle… I think Kundalini wanted to make a point because I wrote before that I may understand the infusion cycle. Well she proofs once again that she actually can activate strongly whenever she wants. Doesn’t matter if you have your period or not.

I know that the current activated yesterday, as I did not feel any buzzing or electrical sensations in my body before it happened. I was scanning photos from  my husbands photo albums as I suddenly felt that the electrical current activated again. Then I feel a strong buzzing sensation in my lower back. Right were the spine is, above the tailbone.

Towards the evening the current got so strong, I literally felt the buzzing the whole day since it’s activation. There is a definite activation pattern and then the buzzing can be felt tactile all over the body, however it does have a source, it’s were the buzzing is the strongest.

I was sitting in a chair that slightly bobs, in the screening room together with my husband and we were watching a movie (Dare Devil – 2003). Out of a sudden I felt this huge pressure building up at the lower back area and I felt a huge implosion of this electrical current. I literally could feel the pressure release in the lower spine. It was an amazing feeling. The buzzing stayed activate afterwards.

trying for OBE after a long break of trying:

When it was time to go to bed I was lying on my back and meditated, my intention was set to having my very first OBE. I never had one at least not in a conscious manner. I also never experienced the Sleep Paralysis. So I just left my eyes closed and concentrated on my breath, going in and out. Every time some thought etc. came up, I went back with my attention to the breath.

I was lying there like a felt hour and just observed what would happen. At some point I do recall that my body and limbs felt kind of numb, not existent, as my whole awareness seemed to be taking place in my head at that time. Then there was this feeling of a blanket covering my lower body and I know I felt something crawling up to my throat. The problem I am having with this while being fully aware, is the damn swallowing mechanism. In this moment I felt urged to swallow, and I believe this destroyed it for me… I kept quiet and just observed. Then I felt that my left eye wanted to open by itself and I thought okay, go with it. I let it open without putting control in it. As soon my eye was open I saw the dark room and the purple light swirls and subtle formations in the air, that I normally see when I close my eyes. However I felt if I would move, I would just move my physical body. So I slowly closed my eyes again…

I observed and my body stayed numb kind of, but then a stupid cricket came up the bed and was walking all over my body. even the urge to move to get it off my body I resisted and just stayed calm. Eventually the cricket left by itself… Well I am assuming it was a cricket… Not sure though O.o.

Since nothing happened I just sat up and looked right back to my bed, because I read already a few times that people say being OOB feels like literally moving the physical limbs. But I did not see myself lying there, so I left it be. I turned around to the side and fell asleep at some point.

Whatever I do, I do not seem to be able to exit my body. I am not sure what is missing. Maybe because my process from August 2014 is still very young I am not at that vibration level yet that would allow the exit? Not sure though…

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