Very weird dream, possible symbols (black cloth, golden metal piece, surgeon)

This morning before waking up I had the most weird dream I ever had in my entire life. Well I had some crazy dreams in the past, but this one was so real, I could literally feel it…

First scene involved me going to a surgeon having a surgery on my lower arm, right above the hand. The surgery was done in anesthesia as I did not recall how I got the stitches etc. I just know it was suddenly there…

Then I remember that some time after the surgery when everything was already healed, possible a few weeks afterwards. I went to another doctor and he checked my arm and the wound and suddenly says: ‘There is something wrong here… The stitches are out but something is still there that shouldn’t be there’ He touched on the wound which was now half healed. Then he takes a scalpel and cuts the wound open, I see everything close up as if I was forced to literally watch the process… I see the wound opening and red blood coming out… But not only that. The doctor suddenly pulls out something that looked to me like a piece of black cloth! He said ‘Well that should be it, now it can finally heal.’

Then the dream moves forward once again, in the meantime since he did not put stitches back in to let it grow together I had now something that looked like a skin flap lying on top of the rest of the arm… (As I said very weird dream) But that’s still not everything…

The dream pushes me to jet another doctor, this time a woman. She looks at the skin and the wound and is surprised about the lack of competence that was working on me thus far,.. She takes another scalpel and cuts open the upper part of the wound and she opens the skin flap. again I was forced to watch the whole process up close… behh…

She takes out more stitches from the upper row of the wound, the other two doctors did not see them before… And to my surprise she took out another thing that did not belong there. It was some kind of golden metal, that had two screws on either side. I have no idea why I would dream something like this, but it was disgusting…

However it was shortly to wake up time and the dream suddenly shifted and I saw myself recollecting the dreams scenes to write it down in my dream journal on the computer. Which is when I woke up and that’s why I could recall the dream so good, because I did this remembering work inside my dream!!!

Dream symbols could be in this case: Doctor or Surgeon, Blood, Black cloth, Golden metal. I need to find out what these symbols mean. I mean it must have a reason why I would dream something like this.


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