I am beginning to understand the Kundalini infusion cycle!

I am slowly beginning to see a pattern in my Kundalini Awakening! Kundalini activates each time and works on the body, but as soon as my period cycle is very close by the symptoms become less and less and almost fade away. I take this as an sign that Kundalini then is busy working in the female organs to adjust things and prepare for the renewal of an female egg for the possible chance to conceive a child.

Question to all women who have activated Kundalini, do you also experience these extreme sensations before a period takes place? Then out of nowhere it all fades away and suddenly you realize that you are getting your period?

It’s not a coincidence I think, because every single time my Kundalini infused my body, muscles and nerves, I did get my period a week or 2 later! It was every single time like this. Even with the first Awakening! I had my period when that happened and normally I never feel like intimacy when I am in the period. But my first Awakening brought a stimulation and a close spontaneous orgasm. That was August 2014.

Another pattern right there! Kundalini Awakened August 2014. And this time it activated again strongly just one month before August! Coincidence? Or a timely planned sine wave like ebb and flood are controlled by the moon etc. I think Kundalini may works the same way!


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