Sensations slowly shift to another ebb phase!

Kundalini is like a sine wave

So from July the 1st until 2 days ago the Kundalini energy sensations and symptoms were very strong. Constant buzzing and an up and down movement through the spinal column. The beginning of this times phase was trembles and twitches. Followed by the extreme strong vibrational buzzing that I felt this time in my whole body. Today as I write this post I feel again a phase of ebb incoming. I don’t feel any electrical buzzing, or hardly anything right now.

It could be that the strong Kundalini buzzing (Vibration) turns on and off in the very beginning of the Awakening, for the body to safely cope with the changes and the higher vibration and eventually prepares the body slowly to be on 24/7. However I do remember the first few times when Kundalini activated strongly and it was every single  time in a slight different approach.

This time it all came with tons and tons of very realistic and long dreams (even snake dreams, which I never has before). Most of them so memorable that they stuck in my memory. energetic sensations, again very strong muscle twitches. And every single time the sine wave goes up it does work on different areas. However I know that there is still something that is being worked on around my Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra. As the electric buzzing Kundalini current only reached the point in the spine behind the heart chakra. So I suppose that there is a block there someplace. because it would constantly go up and down until to that point, but not further.

However I still felt energetic sensations in my brain and around my head all the time. even though the electric current never reached it’s destination.

I read someplace that there are some places for Kundalini that are the most difficult to pierce through.

1. The Root chakra, which opens the gate for Kundalini to come into the system
2. The heart chakra
3. The Throat chakra which locks the head space

Since the Kundalini current is now quiet again, I can probably assume that I will need to wait until the next time. And only god knows how long it will take this time. Last break and ebb phase was around 4-5 months… And this is the second time that Kundalini infused my system with the strong current. The first time when it awoke inside of my body and the second time that just started after a 4-5 months break.


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