Extreme tactile electric current in spine!

Yesterday I felt the whole day already a very pronounced buzzing in my back, even my head was buzzing on and off… From feelings and sensations as if something is being moved around in my brain, to something being dropped on the top of my head as well as a feeling of an idle motor engine inside the head. I felt them all during the day.

Then came the evening and it became even more pronounced. We took a long walk in a forest with a wonderful couple and as soon as it was time to go to bed, I was lying on my back and felt an extremely strong current electrical nature in my spinal column. It built up and tensed my lower back, then I felt it move very slowly upwards through the spine, it stopped in the middle and behind my chest, pulsed a few times and then very fast I felt the current going down again. This happened a few times. Until I just suddenly fell asleep.

However I can say for sure that last night I felt the yet strongest sensation of the Kundalini current in my spine. I believe that’s not all and that it’s still in the cleaning process. i mean I read from other peoples journals that the current and force behind it can push one in postures and even let the body bounce. this did not happen, however it was still a very tactile feeling of a current that moved up and down. However only up to the heart chakra area and then after a few minutes down again. However it did not stay down, it continued going up and down.


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