A feeling of something dropping on the head!

I don’t know how to describe it in a better way than just saying I sometimes feel like something not heavy was dropped on the top of my head. as if someone shuffled something inside my brain from the outside’

Yes that’s probably the right way to describe it. I am still feeling the body buzzing throughout my whole body, also the head sometimes is buzzing. I am currently working around the clock to scan photos from over 60 photo albums and the way I do it is sitting in front of the scanner and just scan photo after photo. However because of the prolonged concentration and mind clear of any thoughts I feel as if I am doing a wake state meditation. I feel the energy in these moments especially working inside my back. Sometimes I feel it in the upper regions. It literally feels like a power cord from inside. When you ever held a cable in your hand that is for example charging a cellphone you feel the subtle power flow and the buzzing in the inside of that cable. This is an analogy of how I feel from the inside and sometimes in my brain!

During these prolonged periods of time sitting just working without any thought and in some kind of a meditative state I sometimes felt something that I described above. As if something is literally dropping on my head. Now it could be that tremendous amounts of energy are pouring into my crown chakra.

If it’s not this, then I actually have no idea what else it could. did you ever walk around your house and suddenly felt a weird dropping feeling on your head?


2 thoughts on “A feeling of something dropping on the head!

  1. daynaspirit says:

    It probably is energy pouring into your crown. It sounds similar to the pressure feeling I have, am having.

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    • talynia says:

      Dayna, it’s not directly a pressure feeling. It feels more like something is moving the brain around. Very weird to describe. However sometimes there is this very clear feeling that is different then the usual moving sensation, it feels like something small was dropped on the head. I can’t describe it differently.

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