Energetic buzzing reached a high plateau!

Last evening I took a nice hot bath in a tub filled with bath salt with lavender smell. It’s very therapeutic and makes you feel alive afterwards. I also need to get some Epsom salt to stabilize the energy at some point. However after taking the bath I felt vibrant and I felt amazingly energized. So it was to expect that the night would not be short again, as I was feeling the whole day on growing that something was about to happen towards the evening.

And I was right as usual about my intuition. I was lying on my back, eyes closed and just relaxing falling into a nice meditation. Very soon I started seeing dream like scenes, without actually dreaming. I was not asleep. It was just as if pictures formed in the red haze that I see with eyes closed. I saw myself and a giant cobra who rose in front of me, circling around me and finally opening it’s huge mouth to devour me! That’s already the second time that snakes come to my visions and dreams! First the tiny purple snake who bit my husband in a dream and then the giant cobra!

then I started feeling how the subtle buzzing vibration took over my body. I feel all day long the subtle buzz inside my lower back. However now it felt like this subtle buzz got stronger and was actually vibrating my whole body. I felt like my whole body was filled with this vibrant energy. I felt pulses at the back behind the chest, this time there were no twitches involved in it.

However I believe the heavy and strong twitches that were going on for 4 days in a row were some kind of preparation for my muscles and nerves to hold the immense flow of buzzing energy. The fact that the twitches are now suddenly gone since last night can only mean, that the work in these muscle groups were done for now and energy could flow without the muscles being effect of it.

It was an amazing night and I never, ever felt so vibrant before. I never, ever felt the buzzing throughout my whole body. It was usually only a small part in my body that got buzzed so to speak 🙂

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