Last night was extremely energetic (Twitches everywhere)!

Literally last night was one of the strongest energetic experience I’ve had so far. I was lying in bed a little bit annoyed by the daily twitch in my right upper arm that is with me since 4 days ongoing now. Today it seems better and I did not yet encounter the twitch. However last night lying on my back the twitch came and went, sometimes just stayed for a long period and got much stronger. It’s like someone is poking you repeatedly in the arm, same spot and the whole muscles move with it. But that was not all, a few minutes into my meditation I suddenly felt the same strong twitch on the left side between my ribs and a little bit left from the left breast. It feels like an electronic current and then the muscle starts acting weird.

I also felt some build up pressures in my spine, it felt like energy was literally gathering on one spot and once it almost felt like an energetic current was spreading from the lower spine towards the left and right sides into my hips. I could feel the buzzing that was connected to these sensations.

Then I felt tingling and kind of numbing prickles going up my cheeks and then something weird happened. I thought in my mind “I am not afraid” suddenly out of nowhere I heard this weird vibrating humming noise inside my right ear, like something flew into the ear and vibrated in it. It took just a few seconds and was gone again.

I did not fall asleep because of all the weird twitches going on in my muscles and so I was awake for a long time just observing. Once  a twitch was suddenly appearing inside my throat a little to the right. Seems the twitches however are more connected to the right body side. The right upper arm, the right throat. The right leg behind the knee. Only once the twitch came on the left side beside my chest.

I also felt strong energetic movements in my abdomen, literally pressing it’s way through the organs that are situated in that area. all in one it was an amazing night with a lot to observe.

It also gave me a dream of my father which was kind of interesting. I can recall it, but it would be too long to write everything down. I may will add it in another post, as the dream is completely in my memory.


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