Current Kundalini Symptoms – 07/07/2015

  • Since three days I get a very strong almost at times violent twitch in my upper right arm, towards the shoulder. The first day it just suddenly started. Since then it continued returning. Always the same spot. However now on the 3rd day I also experience this twitch sometimes in my right leg and the left arm same spot as the right one. The twitch is most of the times very fast repeating, then it can stop for a second only to come back with a lot more force. It’s twitching right now as I write my post!
  • Another symptom that is still with me is the usual electric buzzing, which normally is felt in the stomach area, sometimes in the chest area, but many times on my back. Also when I lean with my head against a TV chair that can bob, I sometimes feel as if my neck is slightly rocking left and right. Not a lot or strong, but just subtle enough to feel the chair moving from my head and neck vibration.
  • Sometimes on top of my head I feel something that can only be described as a tiny whirl wind that fizzles at a spot on my head. almost feels like hair is being played with in a rotating motion.
  • In the evening when I begin to see hypnogogic dream pictures it can happen that suddenly out of nowhere the dream scene gets literally wiped as if a windshield wiper went over the dream scene. The same moment for a second or 2 another picture appears with a light flash. Last night this happened. I started dreaming something, being aware about it, as suddenly a light flash and a windshield wiper went over the dream scene. I then saw for just a fast second a hole and a person was floating in the middle. The clothes looked like from the movie Aladdin. I think many may know it from their childhood. Jasmine was wearing exactly these pants that I remember from that short glimpse. But I have no idea why this image suddenly appeared and wiped my other dream out of the picture.

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