Possible Kundalini Dream (Ship, run away and purple snake & weird light)

purple snake

Last night we had a wonderful evening. we went to an event for the 4th of July. We went like 6 floors to the roof of a building and at 9:00 PM watched all the beautiful fireworks. The energy was so amazing up there. But that is always the case when I am surrounded by these people. They have all such an amazing uplifting flow. It just is contagious. an hour later we went home and watched a movie to end the day… Sadly it was a heavy movie called ‘Biutiful’ really not for the lighthearted as it does not have an happy end…

It was already 1:45 close to 2 AM and my husband told me we should watch something funny before we fall asleep to not take the bad stuff with us inside our dreams. so we watched Jerry Lewis ‘The Nutty Professor’ That was funny and at the end of that show it was almost 3 AM. Great one says 3 AM is the time the spirit realm opens up. So it took a while for me to fall asleep. I was too tired to just put awareness on any sensations I felt at that time. The heavy and strong twitch in my upper right arm continued up to this point. Today I don’t feel it anymore.

Then the dream phase began and I had once again tons of dreams. Showing some kind of scene from a never released Batman movie, felt like I was actually in it. At the end of that dream however I tried to escape from someone and ended up on a ship. It was on water and about to leave the dock. I remember very vividly how I tried to escape from yet another Asian looking man… I wonder whats up with all those Asian looking people in my dreams lately… and always it’s connected with some kind of cruelty. In this case I was the hunted one…

I hid behind a large white column and tried to make myself very small so this guy would not find me… But then suddenly out of nowhere my husband comes around the column and looks at me. It was like I was not hiding at all that I just waited for something… (Oh great exactly now the twitch in my right upper arm started again).

My husband looked at me and said “You will love this. I just found this snake here.” He opens his hand and a tiny very purple snake was visible. It’s skin was shining and it was beautiful! It moved across my husbands right hand and he continued saying “Usually I would not pick up snakes as their bite can be dangerous if not deadly. But this one seems to be interested in me and just enjoys being on my hand.” So weird as my husband would NEVER EVER touch a snake… I looked at the snake and in my dream (i had not control over the dream) I lifted my hand and placed it on my husbands hand, then snake slowly leaned her head on my fingers and I could literally feel it in my hand. My husband got scared and pushed my hand away. he said “Don’t do that or do you want it to bite you???” I lowered my hand and just stared at the snake, I see very closeup now as it moves up my husbands pointer finger and suddenly opens her mouth, I see the long teeth. My husband saw it too and wanted to drop it. but the dream dragged my view in a close up on the teeth and I saw that it bit my husbands hand.

After that we tried to get off the ship as fast as possible. That’s were the dream shifted and I remember standing at the beach or something with another guy it was close to evening and I remember that there was suddenly a very weird light which came down and landed in the water (sea) I do remember having a conversation with the young man what he thinks it was. Sadly I do not have so many details left. But having so many dreams makes it almost impossible to remember all of them as I did with the snake.

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