New sensations arise and a dream about a long lost friend!

I felt the last couple of days a rising of all those symptoms that I described from the beginning of my Kundalini Awakening. Last night I was lying on my back and felt a concentrated energetic buzzing in my lower back that seemed to go up to the middle of the back and then after few minutes it subsided again. I can also feel a lot of energetic sensations on the top of my head and around my forehead again.

I have dreams that are very vivid, realistic and make sense as well. Lats night I had a long dream. I dreamed about visiting a friend in Germany on the street that my grandmother was living on when I was a kid. I wanted to visit the boy who I played with in childhood. But when I arrived at the house it was definitely now present time, as I was the same age I am now. I checked the name signs and to my surprise found the name of someone who was living in Florida, a good friend who suddenly disappeared and cut the connection since then. We did not know where he went, what happened etc. and to my surprise the door sign showed his name + the name of another woman he was not with at that time, when we knew him.

I took my courage and ringed the bell. an older lady came down the floor and asked me who I was. I explained that I am an old friend of Eric L. and I would like to see him. She lead me to his apartment and when I saw him he looked exactly as I remembered him, everything was the same, motions, facials everything. He was kind of surprised to see me there. so we sat down and I asked him all the questions that I could not ask him today, since he disappeared. He explained why he didn’t call anymore and why he supposedly vanished. But I do not remember the conversations and points very well, just one thing, it made complete sense. It was a long dream.

When I told my husband today about the dream he said, you should call Eric and wish him a happy 4th of July. So I did. But he did not pick up his cellphone and the home phone was disconnected. So he may have left Florida for real. However I left him a voice message and hope that he will receive it.

Wonderful things happen and I see people in my dreams and interact with them as if they never left our lives.

This morning until now I run around with a heavy repeating twitch in my right upper arm towards the shoulder. I do not only feel it, I see it, contracting and expanding. It’s like literally doing it the whole time. It’s fast too. Then it stops and continued again. This kind of twitch I felt a few month ago on the left side between my ribs and underneath the arm. Seems like new muscle groups are now worked on.

4 thoughts on “New sensations arise and a dream about a long lost friend!

  1. daynaspirit says:

    I am feeling sensations around my head as well. 🙂

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    • talynia says:

      How do these sensations feel like for you? For me it feels some kind of as if invisible hands are massaging the upper part of my head. sometimes however I feel like little sparkles. and the forehead sometimes feels as if a snake literally moves on it. also I had a constantly returning twitch today, always at the same spot. Right upper arm towards the shoulder. sometimes very strong and fast (also visible from outside), and other times just subtle but still tactile. this twitch continued up to this evening.

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      • daynaspirit says:

        They feel like pressure sensations in different parts of my head. Right now, the pressure is in the left, temporal lobe and at the base of the head where it meets the spine. It literally feels like an energy vortex forms, but could also be like someone was pushing on those areas of my head with their hand. It is a very odd feeling and usually indicates work being done to adjust the area where the pressure is.

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  2. talynia says:

    Yes I think that is how I would explain it as well. Some kind of like someone is massaging the head from the inside out. It feels like something is pressing but at the same time moving. It’s very difficult to describe, but I think we talk about the same thing here! 🙂


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