A lot of dreams but two were very vivid!

Last night I was once again flooded with a lot of very vivid dreams, which I can all recall… But two of them were some kind of connected and were like one whole long movie. The beginning of the dream involved a place somewhere in either China or Japan. I was with a bicycle on a huge open space, like a market. and there were a lot of open stands for food etc. A few seconds later I suddenly hear people screaming and yelling. I decided to go closer and suddenly my gaze fell on an escaped crayfish that was some kind of huge and he was running all over the place trying to attack the people that tried to eat him. I knew I should not approach it as it could hurt very much if it attacks with his claws.

However I approached the crayfish regardless, first he tried to attack me and all the Asian looking people were in awe at what I tried to do… then finally I kneel down and reach my hand towards the crayfish and to my surprise he slowly approached my hand, and in the end was actually nibbling at it. I was so amazed that I grabbed the crayfish with my hands and took him with me, running away as I knew the Asian people wanted to eat him… I called the crayfish Jacob…

A few minutes later an Asian man came to me and looked at how I cared for the Crayfish. He told me “You know who is here today? I need this crayfish. Do you know Mr. Konifuga (I think to remember that was the name) He is a very important man, and he’ll be angry”. But I didn’t care about that and gave him something (Fis or so) in exchange and told him he should take this . But then the dream suddenly shifted in to the next dream. Same people, different approach. The crayfish suddenly lay cut in half in my arm and I was looking at it saddened. I put it on the ground and all of the sudden it grew to a little boy who did not seem to see me, as I was looking in awe what had happened. The Asian man seemed to see him as well and I asked him what happened to the crayfish and he looks at me and says something very interesting to me.

“Animals who came into the human consciousness and got a human name will not leave this place. They stay.”

We both look at the boy how he slowly walked away. It was a very little boy just old enough to walk himself. And the dream ended right here.

I wonder however what this dream actually meant. I wonder if it had a meaning for me and if yes, what is it? So far in my Kundalini Awakening I was not able to receive Spirit communication and therefore am feeling a little bit alone on my path. I hope this will change someday. So far everything I went through was on my shoulders, no messages or confirmations of what was happening. I will see how the future unfolds. Maybe my dreams are messages. But if that is the case it is very difficult for me to see the connection to what is important.


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