Current Kundalini Energy Symptoms

It has been a while for me that I felt Kundalini symptoms and I was almost certain that I may have imagined everything up to the point of tactile sensations. I was operating for a few months without anything ‘special’ going on. Not inside and not outside of my body. Still no OBE for me and I slowly gave up the dream of having had a Kundalini Awakening. So I thought.

But the last couple of days I am running again with a few symptoms that normally would not occur if it was not for very subtle life signals from Kundalini who seems to be still active somewhere deep inside of my body. This is the current list of Kundalini related energy sensations and symptoms I am experiencing:

1. Extreme purging and disagreeing on certain foods. I was craving Doughnuts one day and after eating them I had like 1 second later extreme stomach and abdominal cramps. I was running like a crazy person to the bathroom like many times in a row. The end result was Diarrhea up to the point of watery release until nothing was remaining inside the  colons…
2. A randomly repeating right ear flute kind of frequency. It feels like all the sound and noise on my right ear suddenly turns deaf and then a flute note comes through. It stays a few seconds and then everything comes back to normal.
3. Returning inner stabbing pains that just shoot through the body. Once in one leg, then above my chest. Today my right arm started suddenly to hurt because of this inner stabbing pain. It went away from alone.
4. 2 days ago I went outside to continue my work in the studio and I suddenly started seeing a blinking rainbow on the left side of my visual field. it was like Right there, it did not grow, it was just suddenly there. It was sparkling and shining like a rainbow. It took like 5 minutes, after that it was gone and nothing remained.
5. Extremely vivid and realistic dreams about people I know, even my husband is in my dreams. Sometimes totally out of context though and sometimes in very weird but at the same time realistic dreams. Like we were suddenly driving with our car through a house and there was a wall with a small door in front of us. My husband wanted to drive through it, but I knew it would not work, as the door was just a usual door. I screamed at him to stop the car and I saw the car in a side angle like from a movie as it stopped like 1 mm in front of the wall, before it could crash.
6. extreme itchy skin, especially the top of my both feet, abdomen, lower back and rectal area. It is so strong that I have problems not to scratch myself to death… lol
7. Abdominal trembles, twitches or as I call them punches in the abdomen.
8. Weird feeling rotational sensations almost everywhere on my body. Sometimes at the knees, sometimes above my eyebrow. It feels almost like a tiny tornado goes over that area.
9. Weird fluttering sensation at my forehead, that randomly appears.

All these are the current symptoms. However I do not currently feel the electric moving currents and buzzing vibrations that I used to feel in the first few months of the K. Awakening. I wonder what kundalini is currently doing. It must be active, otherwise what are all those symptoms?

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