Very weird dreams, vividly and possible Plane crash message!

I am just totally blown away… I am sad and terrified at the same moment…
A few days ago I had a very vivid dreams about a  group of people who I did not know and myself sitting on a huge green space full of fresh grass.

I then remember that I rose my head towards the sky and I saw this small plane in the distance, but then the dream shifted and the plane got closer and  closer and I saw that it slowly came down. I do remember the crash as we had to jump up and move aside, as the plane crashed exactly were we sat. I remember every detail of the rushing plane gliding over the grass.

I though however it was just another of these weird long dreams. But today my husband comes to me and asks me if I know James Horner. Of course I do, he is the composer of Avatar, Titanic etc. Then the shocking message. James Horner died in a plane crash with his small plane in California!

I totally forgot that I had this dream, until my husband told me about it, suddenly the whole scenes came back to memory like a flood! I am terrifed right now as this could have not been a coincidence to have a plane crash dream just like that and then a famous person dies because of exactly that!!! 😦

My condolences go out to all the loved ones 😦 It is terrible to lose someone with something that he was doing for a long time… No idea what went wrong there. I needed to write this down because I was able to remember the dream, even though I thought I forgot it already!


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