Dreams and strange uncontrolled jumps in the night

I still do not feel any energy movements whatsoever. The only thing I feel now and then are these strange inner chills that are very spotted. It’s not like a whole body chill with goosebumps. In fact it feels like goosebumps kind of sensations start at a point and spread from their. Like from the left leg only. or my right arm only. Very rarely I have these chills forming in the heart center and then it’s very blissful, as the sensations spreads from the center and seems to take over the whole body from their. It’s all in a second, it’s so fast but always welcome. The only thing that still reminds me of the very heavy energy sensations that I used to feel.

The last thing I remember, before the Kundalini Energy went very low, was the constant feeling of something massaging my brain from the inside of my head and pointed pressure that seemed to flutter around my forehead. But also that went away.

All that stayed with me are the random chills, the vision changes, after pictures and colorful patterns that form when I close my eyes and cover them with my hands. Sometimes doing this I see a very bright circle of green light in front of me. But so far I am not sure what it is, maybe my third eye? However I am not able to see it without covering my eyes… 😦

Lately however I have tons of dreams. Sometimes dreams that have the length of a movie and they are actually playing for me like movies. Sometimes I see myself as a protagonist. Like last night. I was some kind of weird creature in an hostile environment. I recall that there was this huge room with glass windows in the front and I remember that one of these persons wanted to experiment on a child. In the dream I was screaming at them to stop it and let the child go. But they would not listen. I know there were a lot of people all watching my every step. So I started throwing stones and other things with a lot of power against the glass, but ti would not break. Then I see how I ran towards the glass and hit it with all my might with the blank fist and it burst to pieces. The people ran away and I saved the kid. But then the dream turned around and I was hunted by them, as they thought I was now the bad person. You get an idea of how wild my dreams have become. There is not one night that I do not have these amazing long dreams. I cannot remember ever having so long dreams.

The one night I was deeply asleep, but suddenly out of nowhere my whole body jumped and turned itself to the right side. I wasn’t aware of it until I hit the bed surface with my right side. this alone always wakes me up and I don’t know what happens in that moment. All I know is I suddenly jump uncontrolled and land on my right side. I was falling asleep from back position as I try each night to meditate and induce an OBE. But so far had no luck with it.

Did anyone experience these sudden uncontrolled jumps that wake you up??? My husband always tells me in the morning that I was jumping in bed waking him up… lol And I can’t answer anything as I wasn’t aware of the fact that I would start jumping until after the fact…

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