April 3rd – Kundalini and her pulsing pains!

Last night while doing meditation in bed, I started feeling like millions of internal chills and shivers. I exactly knew where each shiver came from. Because all of them had an explicit starting point someplace in the middle of the body and then radiated outwards covering nearly the whole body. But then out of a sudden I felt the very well known electric Kundalini pulsation and the pointed pressure that I experienced in my forehead the last couple of days.

Before I continue here, one thing I have to add is that before I went to bed, I covered my face with some Vitamin C cream. It’s very good and I love the feeling of it afterwards. But then already I felt as if the left side of my face was very sore and hyper sensitive to my circling motions to distribute the cream evenly. I had no idea why that happened, I wondered if I hurt myself somehow, but could not remember anything. The right side of my face was totally fine.

When I went to bed and did the meditation there was a point when out of a sudden I felt this pulsing stings, that I know so well already. But this time it was a pulse at the left side on my temple. With each pulse it hurt more. Like little electric shocks that come in a pulse kind of sensation. I felt these already in my feet ankles (very painful), in both of my elbows (not very nice either) and now in my left temple. It’s as far as I can tell the same sensation that I felt before in my forehead, but now it’s in the temple and hurts…

I can only think, that this is a healing reaction. Because first of all I had a hole in my head from childhood at that spot. Somebody pushed me against a shelf and hurt me physical… But it’s also very close to the jaw joint and I wonder if it is healing pain connected to my jaw surgery from 2008. It seems Kundalini energy systematically goes to spots that were hurt at some point in my life to heal them. even though I don’t know whatever happened to my elbows… maybe it was working in there because I hit my elbows many times in my life… That’s the only thing I remember. This pulse comes with a lot of stinging pains. It’s a pain I can’t even describe. It’s like constantly getting a tattoo just much slower and not so fast.

Current Kundalini Symptoms:

– Extreme inner shivers and goose bump kind of sensations that start in the middle and spread outwards. (sometimes only on the arms, sometimes pointed on one leg and many times coming right from the core and heart center)
– a lot of lights with closed eyes, red hue with eyes open and closed
– Ringing in ears, but this will probably not change anymore. (It’s my new vibration and I am able to tune into it. It sounds exactly like something that races very fast, like a vibrational rotation. Very difficult to describe. It has a static main tone and a whistle kind of undertone)
– Pointed pressure around my forehead the last couple of days. (This pressure feels like something is literally moving in the forehead.)
– Sensation of little buzzing spots around meridians. (Sometimes I feel little whirlwind energies forming around my finger joints, my toes and sometimes even around the knees.)

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