April 2, 2015 – inner chills, jolting and lights!

Last night was kind of a breakthrough for me. I did not manage to AP, but I had another nice experience. I went to bed at 1:00 AM, I was just not tired enough to go to bed earlier. As soon I was in bed and shut off the light, I realized that my vision was kind of weird. I looked in pure darkness and could not see anything right after the light was shut off. BUT… I saw a very visible red hue in the room, when I looked straight to the ceiling. The interesting thing however is not that I saw it with eyes open, but also with eyes closed. When I blinked it was like my vision was flickering and the red hue was the same eyes open and closed. It nearly seemed like my eyes open vision would be the same as my eyes closed vision. Which was so weird to see. One could think when I close my eyes I see darkness right? But no… I saw the exact same hue of red and the exact same brightness. It was like it didn’t make any difference if I have my eyes open or closed. This gave me a hint, that my vision is actually the same. The same I see with eyes open in a  pitch black room, I also see when I close my eyes!

After some time I stopped experimenting with the vision and closed my eyes. I tried to relax myself and just look straight into the center of the red hue. After some time of focusing and staying aware, light swirls began to come into vision. purple and indigo mostly. But also white light blotches were visible. I concentrated to stay awake and not fall asleep. Instead I focused my mind on my forehead and the third eye area. After some time I suddenly started feeling a pointed, some kind of massaging pressure in the forehead. This is the same pressure that I feel for some days now randomly just by doing things. It’s a pressure, that does not hurt but is kind of weird to describe. Because I have the feeling as if something is moving inside the area.

Then the scenery of purple in front of me changed a little bit and started to move more, that was the moment when I suddenly heard a very extinct sound. It really sounded like my lamp’s light bulb was pinging. It was not a bang or crack, it sounded really more like PING… I heard this tone in the past already a few times and interestingly enough it always comes from the right side of my head where the lamp is standing. I have no idea what happens in that moment, but I left my eyes closed.

Then something must have happened after some time as I suddenly fell asleep, or maybe I was close to falling asleep. But my full body suddenly jolted up and I really felt my arms, legs and upper body jolting. Which brought my awareness right back. I left my eyes closed and felt slight vibrations, but again I wasn’t able to separate from my body. I felt sometimes tingles over my arms etc. But one thing I have to say is, that during the whole experience I had HUGE amounts of inner chills. goose bump kind of sensations all over my body. I am underneath 2 thick blankets and I felt at different areas, arms, legs, stomach and back huge amounts of released inner chills. These are the chills that I normally get when I read something that contains truth  and resonates with me. But this time it was all over my body and literally covering all my body this time. It was such a beautiful sensation that I actually focused on it a bit in order to see if that would help the process to AP. But I must have fallen asleep shortly afterwards.

I had a dream that was as weird as the dentist dream from yesterday, but I don’t remember anything. I know it had to do with metal again, but I don’t know in which context. Maybe I remember the dream later then I will add it, but for now this is it.


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