April 1 – Dentist Dream

No this is not a belated April’s fool. Last night I tried consciously to stay awake and aware as I intended my body to go to sleep. I also said once that I will remember anything that happens. I don’t remember any dreams from before, but it must have been in the morning before I actually woke up.

The dream I had last night was a really strange one and I have no idea what that was about… I dreamed of a very young dentist (male) who must have done surgery on me. The dream resembled in many ways my jaw surgery from 2008, but yet it was different. The dentist was not a jaw surgeon and I was NOT in a hospital, it was a simple dentist’s office. He did some kind of surgery on me, that I can’t remember oddly enough, as if I was really under some kind of anesthesia. The things I do remember are all after the surgery took place.

I find myself in a odd position, I felt with my tongue around my upper teeth and when I went to the left side of my upper back teeth I suddenly felt something above the teeth in the flesh. I do remember that I felt it with my finger and tried to screw it out. It was metal and like a screw that was planted in my jaw up above the teeth. I remember how I tried to remove the screw myself but then it got stuck and was half out and I could move it back and forth, but I could not remove it. I went to the young doctor and told him about this screw that was stuck there.

The doctor was a very nice man and I do remember that in the dream I felt some kind of attraction to this guy… So weird… But he understood and helped me to get the screw out of my flesh.

In many ways this dream resembled my jaw surgery. After I woke up from the big surgery I found myself with 3 screws in the upper jaw and 3 screws in the lower jaw. The next day after the surgery I needed to go to the doctors office and an assistant of him removed the screws. But on the way back to the hospital I figured out that he forgot  one screw on the right side of my upper jaw. So when the time came that the doctor visited me in the hospital room, I told him about the screw and he helped me to get rid of it…

I have no idea why I would suddenly out of the blue have a dream that resembles this experience. I did not have tooth dreams in a long, long time and now they are back? Well not really, because this time it was not about ME pulling my own teeth, but a doctor who removes a metal screw from my jaw. Anybody any idea what this dream could mean?


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