March 30, 2015 – suffocating feeling in chest

I have some news about last night. I don’t know if anyone of you experienced this. But I tried again for OBE and told myself the whole night being aware “I’ll separate from my body tonight.” I said it over and over again, some kind of self assuring and with some kind of excitement, in order to make my sub-consciousness help me through it. At some point I started seeing these dream scenes again, while I was totally aware of it. Hypnogogic state of trance I guess.

At some point during this I must have nearly fallen asleep, as I suddenly felt a very strange heavy pressure in the center of my chest. It was suffocating once again… The moment I felt this sensation I came back to full awareness, but because I could not cope with the suffocating feeling of not being able to breath, I just turned around on the right side to get out of it. It is a feeling that I can only describe as something crunching your heart and your lungs are not being able to get air in. At least that was what it felt like. I did not really felt the moment it started, because I must have actually already being asleep, but it was strong enough that it woke up my awareness again.

In that moment I suddenly felt my body slightly vibrating. I knew what was happening, but again I could not do anything with it. As I moved before and kicked myself out of it… The vibration went away from alone and I somehow fell back to sleep. 😦 damn it… What are these suffocating feelings that kick me right out of whatever I was in? Anybody? This is already the second time that I have this feeling while trying for OBE in a state of sleep but yet able to get out of it when I feel the chest thing going on.

The first time it happened, it was actually much worse. I was sleeping and suddenly I had the urge to rise my upper body and gasp for air, it was such a suffocating feeling, very difficult to put in words, really… I opened my eyes that night and did only realize a few seconds later that my whole room was suddenly glowing with a red light. I never, ever have seen anything quite like it. The red light in that night faded away very slowly until the room was dark again.

This night I just left my eyes closed and turned around, I don’t even know how I did this. The moment I felt the suffocating feeling it was like I automatically turned to the right side and that brought back my awareness… But yet I wasn’t able to project out of this, because of the fast heart beat after this experience… 😦 Harder than I thought…

3 thoughts on “March 30, 2015 – suffocating feeling in chest

  1. daynaspirit says:

    When I was first trying to project consciously I had panic attacks. The symptoms of these can vary from heart pounding to feeling unable to breathe. This would happen in the midst of the trance state and take me a while to recover from. This could be what you are also experiencing.

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    • talynia says:

      Hi Dayna, thank you so much for your answer! Yes it could be a form of panic attack. I do remember that I had those as a child repeatedly ever night. To the point I was afraid of the evening because of going to sleep… It could actually be that this old childhood panic is still there someplace and needs to be released. I do remember as child I always had this weird feeling in my chest that was threatening to press my heart or something and I wasn’t able at all to fall asleep. Because I suddenly could not swallow anymore or on the contrary needed to swallow like crazy many times in a row… I also remember getting up from bed and walk around to get over this feeling. I believe that the feeling that I have is the same one, just not as strong as in my childhood! Maybe these are memories of something that I was already doing in my childhood but the panic attacks closed it for me 😦

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      • daynaspirit says:

        I think you are correct in that assumption. Not only does the K energy cause us to purge such memories and experiences but mediating to a deep trance state makes these normally forgotten experiences come to the surface.


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