Current Kundalini related symptoms

Current Kundalini symptoms:

– Last evening I had some serious energy sensations in my Solar Plexus area and also in my abdominal area. I felt repeatedly twitches while I was still awake. Twitches in the abdominal area that felt like little heads were poking literally from the inside… Like something wanted to break through my skin.

– Continuous ear sounds. No real ringing, but more like a static that I always can hear when everything is silent around me. It does not bother me during my normal work day or life. But when I listen, I can hear it always! It’s like a static and a fizzling sound that surrounds my head all the time. It could actually be, that I hear the energetic movement around my head or inside of my head!

– We went for a walk and the sky was full of grey clouds. When we came back from the forest to the car, I gazed up to the clouds and suddenly realized that everything in the sky above my eyebrow line, where I did not look straight to (It was too high for my eyes to reach), was fizzling and static (It looked kind of, like the clouds were vibrating). The same static I can see most likely everyday in my room, at the walls and the fuzzy blue rugs in the bathroom.

– twitches at the weirdest places in my body… In between the ribs, above my breast etc.

– white glowing outlines around everything that I look at.

– After pictures that become more pronounced (I look at something just for a second and then I see a ghostly version of it hanging in the air when I look someplace else… Very funny when it happens to be a light source… I can look into lights and when I close my eyes or look someplace else, I can see ALL of the light sources glowing with shape and form, as if I was still looking at it.)

– Other visual phenomena including a very weird translucent kind of fog. Sometimes I enter the kitchen and I have the feeling as if I walk through a very thin cloud of fog which fills the whole room. When I pass by light sources I see a dense cone of glowing energy around the light sources, it looks kind of 3D.

– White light flashes or flickering behind closed eyes. Sometimes it becomes so pronounced that it actually can startle you.

– A pointed pressure around my forehead, which sometimes just comes. In the night when I try for OBE I sometimes can feel a cool breeze surrounding my forehead. When I turned around last night because of the suffocating feeling that I described in my OBE journal entry, I could feel a slight breeze around my forehead, as if someone was breathing at it. And NO, the windows were closed and the door as well.

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