March 29, 2015 – OBE journal

Last night once again I started practicing. Up to this day I wasn’t able to consciously leave my body. It’s the first time for me, so it will probably take some while before I am able to do it correctly. I read a lot about OBE and Astral Projection, I also got advices from projectors, of what kind of separation techniques they use. From swaying, rocking, up to using an imagined rope. I tried everything, but it seems I never hit the right moments. I am unable to use Sleep Paralysis, because I never reach that state. I also do not reach any kind of Vibrational state. All these terms are well known in the circles of projectors, but so far these advices did not help me very much.

However when I started being really relaxed I began to see dream scenes and a strange feeling of a heavy blanket came upon me. I realized that this is a trance state and I tried to use this state in order to separate. But swaying and rocking did not work, I felt my muscles contracting and moving. So I stopped doing it. I tried it with my arms and just lifting my energy arms. But instead I moved my physical arms… 😦

But then I just let it be with trying to get out by force and waited to see what would happen. I started seeing dream like scenes again and I saw my husband, shortly afterwards I suddenly saw a white light flash and started hearing some kind of crunching noise in my left ear. Very subtle though. And as soon the white light flash appeared I suddenly saw a very fast and short vision. I saw as clear as anything else in this physical reality a car with open ceiling and I saw the faces of two persons with brown eyes and brown hair. One was an adult and the other was a child. As soon these two faces appeared in the mirror of the car, it startled me and the vision disappeared… Every single time I see a vision like that the sudden appearing of crystal clear faces startles me, even though I was not feeling afraid. I have no idea why this is so shocking in the moment these visions show up… I am never prepared for them as they don’t happen that often and out of my control.

My analysis of this is, I either looked out of the eyes of someone else who was driving on the back seat of a car with open ceiling or I saw another lifetime. But I am not really sure what of both fits more in this case.

A little bit later when I just concentrated on the purple lights that I started seeing I saw that the color suddenly changed and I saw this very beautiful green circled light. In the middle the red remained with a little bit of darkness. In that moment it looked like a green glowing eye was looking at me. If you take a look at the picture I posted above, you will see what it looked like!

whoever has an explanation for all of this, please let me know in the comments! I appreciate your input!

3 thoughts on “March 29, 2015 – OBE journal

  1. daynaspirit says:

    The visions are part of the imagery that comes with trance. Sometimes, if you timing is right and your energy is right, you can walk right into the scenes you see. The more you practice, the more comfortable you become with seeing the scenes and then the easier it will be to “walk” into them.

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  2. wwe432 says:

    I have few OOBE/Lucid Dreams although I am practicing techniques to increase their frequency. I have some of those very short flashes of scenes–like color photographs that appear for less than one second, usually when I am having an afternoon nap. These images don’t last long enough for me to enter the LD state through them. I’m still trying! The last time I tried to induce sleep paralysis to induce a lucid dream, I managed to induce a night terror! But, I’m stubborn. I keep trying 🙂

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    • talynia says:

      Thank you wwe432, yes these are the vision flashes that I see sometimes during the try of having an OBE. These visions stay just for a second and are as clear as anything else you can see daily around you. For me they only stay a second because my heart jumps each time one of them suddenly decides to appear. Because it is so not expected that a vision would suddenly jump like that. Most of the times they also come with a huge bright white light flash, which probably makes the heart jump. Like a jump scare actually lol. I hope I can get over this one day.


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