March 26, 2015 – OBE journal

Last night I had the possibility and opportunity to sleep alone. I wasn’t that tired so I thought it would be the perfect time to practice to have an OBE. I chose a YouTube track that was 1 hour longer. Some kind of Binaural Beats. The first few minutes after closing my eyes I could feel the slight vibrating sound of the track in the middle of my head and I felt my head vibrating. The longer I sunk into this tones and the vibrational middle tone the more relaxed I became. I then realized that my whole body suddenly got slightly flooded with some kind of blanket on top feeling, I mean I was underneath a blanket, but it felt more like something was laid on top of my body. Difficult to describe…

I thought that this might be the vibrational state and I let it continue without forcing anything. However since I can’t see anything, this time not even the purple lights… weird, I started to feel my way out of the body and did over and over again the intention in my mind to exit my body now. But nothing happened. I then asked in my mind to get help from my Spirit guide, “if you can hear me then please help me to archive my first Out of body experience, please.” I waited and relaxed further and a minute later I heard a strong crack in the ceiling or across the room in the wall, not sure.

But nothing happened, I did not feel different. I was lying aware without moving for an hour, as the track suddenly stopped… I looked for another track that was 8 hours long and I started playing it and went back to bed. This time however I thought to give it a try to lay on top of my blanket, as it was getting warm underneath and I have the feeling it maybe the reason that stops me from going through it… So I did the same thing, I started the new track, closed my eyes and just observed without pushing anything.

Nothing happened, except I felt this time a more pronounced feeling of the heavy blanket that was suddenly lying on top of my body. And again nothing more happened. I did not see any lights this time, which is strange. As I normally see the purple lights right away when I close my eyes and leave them that way. .. 😦

After a while I began to become deaf to the track, it seemed for a moment that the sound  suddenly vanished, I did not hear anything anymore. As I suddenly get kicked up by a sudden return of the sound, which was louder than before… The moment I heard the sound, it slowly went down to normal volume again. No idea what that was. I was not asleep, the whole time I was aware… But I did not feel a separation from my body…

I really don’t know what is missing. Seems my very first OBE will be the most exciting thing in the world for me. But so far it does just not want to happen.

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