Visual spectacle!

Today I spent some money to get myself a treat. I went to a Green nail spa and I have to say it was amazing! When I went there I was actually going for only manicure and pedicure, but as soon I entered the spa, and I saw all these beautiful colors for nails, I needed to choose a gel color for my finger nails. Without this I could have never seen the visual spectacle that I saw this evening!

After some work on my nails it came close to that point when I had to put my hand inside the dryer with the blue light. As soon as my hand was lying inside this device, I was still looking on my other hand and observed the work that was done, I started seeing some strange movement in the corner of my right eye. I moved my gaze away from the other hand that was being worked on, and took a look at the blue light that was covering my right hand at that moment. I looked straight into the blue light and what I then observed was pure magical!

a lot of little glowing blue particles were floating in circular motions inside that blue light. I never saw it so clear! I see it sometimes when I focus in the blue of the sky during daytime, but to see these little glowing dot sin such clarity was pure magic. I could literally see them circling around all inside the blue light. I think it is Ultra Violet this light, right? Not sure though, never actually asked them what this light is that they use to dry the gel nails!

But the sight of these little  moving dots, so precise and yet so unpredictable, was really truly an amazing experience. It looked like the blue light was alive, it looked like these little dots were following a specific path inside the light and the air! And I am wondering right now, why I was able to see these energy dots so clearly in the blue light… I wonder if that would be also possible with these blue lights in discos! I wonder if I can see the energy better in blue light? But why? If I can see the energy jumping inside blue light, why can’t I see it the same way in just ordinary light?

Current Kundalini symptoms:

– ringing in the ears, high frequencies
– pointed pressure at the right back side of my head
– random inner chills
– tons of vivid and very long dreams (most of them I forget the moment I open my eyes)
– dull phase, everything is boring, I don’t want to see people, I rarely write my mother back… It all feels weird.
– No idea if this is Kundalini related but lately, I attract tiny little flies, that seem to be all around me… Even at the nail spa, these flies were there and were floating right in front of my face all the time. They literally bump into my face all day long…

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