March 16, 2015 – Update on Symptoms

On March the 9th or 10th, I don’t remember which day it was, I experienced the last Kundalini symptoms. Since my Awakening in August 2014, I believe I can see a pattern now. When Kundalini first awakened it came with all the usual common symptoms, tingles, sexual heat and arousal (it did not stay for long however), pinpricks, really everywhere (even the eyeballs). It also came with a lot of visual changes. Such as the white translucent glow I can see around people and objects. Most likely if they are in motion. With Kundalini also came the ability to see purple, blue, and golden lights with closed eyes. The first round of the initial Awakening was less dramatic. Well apart from the sexual stimulation that just came out of nowhere I mean. 🙂

All symptoms abruptly stopped around October. I suddenly felt depressed, I did not feel alive, the energy kept me feeling alive and vibrant. Without the energy movements and strong tactile sensations I felt dull and did not know what to do. Since this was the first time for me, I started believing that I actually imagined all of these experiences. This whole scene kept ongoing for 2 months. In this time my chronic running nose returned and I had once again watery eyes… Which was completely gone as long as Kundalini was active strongly. Odd isn’t it?

December the 3rd however it changed. I went into the bathroom and just stood there silent and just focusing on my mirror projection. I was deeply looking into my eyes and started seeing the purple light swirls coming from the center and surrounding me with a pulse like motion. It was that time that I suddenly felt a strong vibration in my tailbone and I was literally right there elevated and knew it would begin again!

That night I felt the energy crawling up my back again and from that moment on I felt the energy very strong during the day and night! Then March came around and I felt that a big part of the work was done in this round and it started to get less and subsided with a few days of weird inner chills, that spread all over my body. The arms, legs, chest, stomach. It was not the usual chill from cold weather. It was a deep inner chill that brought on a very nice feeling!

March 9th or 10th was then when I felt the energy subsided again. Talking to a very good friend of mine (Casey), who is used to all the Kundalini symptoms etc. told me in a PM on Facebook that I am tested. It’s so to speak my turn now to bring on the sensations on my own. Instead of just waiting for someone to turn them on again. I think that has a lot of truth in it! I know that Kundalini is like a sine wave. But I never heard from anyone that she disappeared without any more sensations of her. So I believe it is a test. Maybe a very important test!

Current symptom list:

– White noise sound around my head, which my ears can pick up on
– Sometimes flute sounds come through on the left ear
– Random inner chills that just come and go
– purple and red hued lights eyes open and closed
– A lot of sudden heart thumps. Feels like the heart literally blows up or something
– Dreams that somehow are connected to the Darkness! (Dark Man, Dark Magic, Black Crows) <- part of test?


One thought on “March 16, 2015 – Update on Symptoms

  1. daynaspirit says:

    I have the watery eye thingy going on now. Only my right eye though.


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