March 11, 2015 – Missing puppy & Dark Magic


Tonight I really had  a weird dream. It was a very long dream exactly as the one with the “Dark Man”, but it seems it actually was even longer… Strange is that these dreams stick with me in the smallest detail.

Scene 1:

The beginning of the dream showed me that I was again in Germany, where I was born. Same house etc. I had the job to keep an eye on the dogs as my parents went away for a while. I remember sitting in the barn in the back yard. I was doing something and had my eyes on the little dogs (Chihuahuas) my mother had a new puppy that she wanted to keep for further breeding. At some point in the dream I lost her and she suddenly was gone. I was looking everywhere but could not find her. Until I went inside the kitchen and into the living room. I checked every corner of the house. Then with a little luck I crawled on my knees and checked underneath the sofas. For strange reasons it were not the sofas that I remember from when I lived there. These sofas had some kind of weird fabric and underneath them were little holes like from a blanket for the bed. sometimes cats and small dogs love to crawl inside of these… So I checked the first sofa and felt around the fabric if I could feel something. I found that the puppy was hiding inside one of the sofas but I could not get her out, she was stuck inside. The Dream shifted and my mother came back and I told her about it, we tried together to get the dog out of the fabric underneath the sofa.

Scene 2:

Then the dream shifted again… This time I was sitting with a blanket on top of me in some kind of an opera kind of setting. It was definitely a stage. A few other people where there and I was looking at a show. There was this weird lady with a white/black coat. She had the weirdest makeup and was obviously some kind of a magician or oracle, as she was doing some kind of readings for other people around. I don’t remember anything that she said. But now that I think about it, why would I sit there with my bed blanket on top of me, like I was sleeping there??? I remember then turning around to the left and there was this man who sat on a bench beside me. He was drinking red wine or something and he took his gaze off the oracle and looked at me. He then asked me something about the oracle and how he can be sure that she is real and not fake. If he should listen to the oracle, or rather to his assistant… No idea why he said that, but I am pretty sure he said his assistant… I answered his question and told him that he needs to feel with his own heart what feels more right. For some it may be the answer of the oracle, for others it’s not… Somehow he also spilled a little bit of his red wine on top of my blanket…

Scene 3:

The dream shifted again… This time I was back in my home in Germany and there was another man with brown hair who was again a very mean character… It was not the same as before, but also he had blue eyes. hoodeddemonHe tried to intimidate me about the oracle. He was trying to hurt me with dark magic and I saw that he summoned a demon outside of the front door, I saw his shadow and he wanted to get inside. It was a creature that was dark, with a hood. The moment he opened the door from outside, I felt fear overcoming me. But I stayed strong and I slammed the door with all my power. I looked at the man with a very intense and angry look and I told him that I would not allow this to happen. I pressed my hand against the window of the front door and called upon the light of god to release this dark spirit from my house.

The dream however never finished, as last time it stopped here because I woke up in the morning, as my husband wanted to get up….

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